Sunday, October 23, 2005

In this.. Ah screw it! She-Hulk's back!!!

(picks up She-hulk#1)
Bwa ha ha ha ha. Je-je... HA HA HA HA HA. Gasp! Holy crap!... heh.. Cool!
(puts down She-Hulk#1)

Oh man, that was good, if just a bit heavy-handed, but good nonetheless. The best comic book that I read last year and a half, was by far, She-hulk. And yes, I kow how that sounds like, but trust me, it was by far the most enjoyable comic that I've read in a while. So I was sad to see it end, that is until they announced that it was returning. And here it is, in all it's wonderful glory. And it's still funny, and inventive, funny, wonderful, funny, gorgeus to look at, and funny. And I loved it.
I did find the heavy handedness regarding the trades a bit heavy though. And yet, it was still funny. "Preserve the past, protect the present, forget the future", "Is it me or does that sound like the GOP platform" Brilliant :)

Superman #222 though, was awful. Is there a bylaw in DC that says that at least one of the Superbooks must suck? and not just as in "Oh hum, it wasn't very good" or "oh well, It could have been better" or even "What the?, The Scartlet Witch has always been bad, riiight" this was bad as in "Rob Liefeld drew this" bad. I hated it. Superman Robot? bad plot device. Clark not trusting Lois? considering that we just saw in Adventures how much she trusted her? bad editorial control and character work. Clark using a Superman robot to deceive Lois? complete lack of understanding as to who Clark is. An Omac that can't get rid of Lois? I know that she's an army brat, but damn. "The protective plates were in the walls, floors and ceiling, set into a special substructure that Clark fabricated himself" Well gee, that would make it fairly useless considering that the apartment was a couple of dozen floors above it. And apparently the panic room was designed to withstand a nuclear weapon, but not a gas explosion. Heck, maybe they should've made it out of the bathtub ceramic, which survived :)

Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #2 - Mogo the Green Lantern planet. No, not the planet where the Green Lanterns live, but a planet that is a Green Lantern. God bless DC :) So, allow me to put it out there, I know I'm not the first to request it but DC, Marvel, everyone else please set aside your differences for:
Thank you :)

And that's it for now, no more foolishness for me. And happy third blogiversary to Bloggity-Blog-Blog. Keep it up!