Monday, December 05, 2005

Don't you love cute guys on leather uniforms?

At last! X -men 3 teaser trailer. It looks ... Promising. Hell, it can be a great movie! Let's have some faith in Mr. Ratner.
Magneto, Professor X, Wolverine, Storm, Pyro, Mystique, Jean (sexy mamma) Grey (Phoenix reincarnation I presume), Cylops and (megahunk) Ice Man are back.
Plus the new additions: Beast, Juggernaut, Kitty Pride, Callisto and Angel. It's amazing what tons of make up can do for someone, you know. Kelsey Grammer looks unrecognizable as Beast. And yes, he looks too blue. I've been reading a lot people complaints about Beast. I don't hate it! Yeah, he's a big smurf and all, but there's nothing wrong with that. Yeah, I loved Nightcrawler too but what the hell. Let's give him a chance.
Anyway, what about Angel? Well, his wings look pretty good, but I guess I've always thought that it would be a little bit more impressive. Heavenly. Hell, you know what I mean. Still... Whoaa... Angel.

So, even though this teaser could have been a lot lot better, I can't wait to watch the movie. Hey, only 6 months from now! You got to be a heartless geek if you don't shiver when you see that scene with Magneto and the Golden Gate... Oh yeah. Sublime.

Praise the Lord for comics!