Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Evil Dentist - 1. Miserable Ms. Mysterious - 0.

Today I realized how amazingly coward I am. I never felt this kind of panic before, not even before parachuting, rock climbing or sparring. I don't mind being kicked, left breathless, or with bruises that will take a while to heal. NO. I'm TRULY afraid of Dentists.
(Oh, those heartless brutes....)
WAHHHHHHHHHHHH... And the worst thing? Is not over yet. I have to go back. Lots of things to do to my beautiful mouth. DAMN DAMN DAMN. I'm serious this time when I say that I will need some kind of pill to calm me before the torture, sorry, procedure. Rob's saying that his mom might be able to hypnotize me... I REALLY got to go talk to her.
Anyway, today's misadventure with the dentist is over. I'll live for another week; After that, only the gods know what will happen to me, my mouth and my sanity.
I'm not having fun with this... WAHH!