Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ms. Mysterious is...On an Island!

Yup, I'm on an island -is true since Australia is a big frackin' island in the middle of nowhere. Bit that's another story.
Sinners, sinners, sinners... There's nothing like waiting for an album and finally getting it, and after listening realizing that your patience has been rewarded. I finally got my hands on David Gilmour's latest album, On an Island. For those of you who have no idea who I'm talking about, Gilmour has been Pink Floyd's guitarist and front man since he replaced Syd Barret back in the late 60's. This is only his third solo album, and the first after 18 years.
So, what kind of album is this? Well, let's say that if you want to lie down on the floor of your apartment, turn of the lights (maybe even light some candles) and enjoy of powerful, emotional, and at times melancholic music, here's your album. You won't be able to resist Gilmour's legendary atmospheric guitar playing and smooth voice, combined with those classic poetic lyrics.
I can't say I have a favorite song. I just love them all. But I guess you can start by checking out On an island, Take a breath, or Red sky at night (you just melt when you hear that sax playing), and ... Damn I tell you sinners, I just love the whole damn CD. Check it out. I command thee!!