Saturday, February 25, 2006

Damn, I wish I'd had a license to kill

Okay, I tried to avoid the subject, but now I really have to say something about this... This whole "Bond- Craig" situation is going too far. In case you haven't heard, some James Bond longtime "fans" have been complaining about how awful Daniel Craig is, and how unsuitable he is to portray Bond. Blah blah blah. This is what they state in their site . Please. Do not drink and read at the same time. You might spill your beverage on the screen.

"We are calling for and supporting this boycott (...) As long as Craig is involved with the Bond films, and as long as they continue on this reboot time line, we will continue to promote the boycott of Casino Royale and any further films that proceed under these conditions"

So, what do I have to say about this? I, Ms. Mysterious, humble servant and follower of James Bond, Lord almighty and Sex God? (Yeah, I'm really a fan. Please, just check my URL: bondwalker.
What do I think? What words of comfort and support should I offer to my fellow jamesbondfans?
Well, there are a couple of things I might say, starting with...
Sure, Craig's not as cute as Pierce Brosnan, but at least he has a better body than all the former Bonds combined. Plus he has personality. ( And by the way, George Lazenby was NOT a pretty looking guy). But that's beyond the point. James Bond movies will evolve. They'll adapt to a different generation and different market, and still, the formula will remain. The character will still be the suave, powerful, ingenious superagent. He will save the world. He will get the girl. That's what Bond's all about. So please, if you want to boycott something, if you want to fight for something, at least choose a decent war to fight. Blame the Government about poverty. Boycott industries for destroying the environment. Ask for more money for education. Anything. Please. FOCUS, and stop wasting your time.
Let's wait and see how Casino Royale goes. And if it sucks big time, I promise I will throw tomatoes at Barbara Broccoli, or whoever you want me to. But 'till then, take a valium okay?