Monday, February 27, 2006

Goodbye JLU! You shall be missed...

I'm soo sad... Last night I finally saw JLU's last episode. Ever. WAHHHH! I still can't understand why they decided to end this series. Damn them. No more Superman. No more Batman. No more Ollie or John. No more Diana. Daaaaaamn! I know there are still lots of cartoons coming our way, but there's no way they can be as good as this one. It's just like Batman: the animated series. It was so damn good that there is no way on earth they can replace it with anything else. Yeah I liked Batman Beyond and I think The Batman might improve if we give it a chance, but you see my point? There's only one Batman in our minds: the Batman of the animated series, with Bruce Timm's voice. The same Batman that was part of the JLU. *sigh*
This last episode was a nice way to say goodbye, though. Our favorite superheros, saving the world, one more time. And yes, as Diana says, the adventure goes on. Maybe not as the JLU, but sure we got a lot of comics and good stories to read.
Anyway, Long live the Justice League Unlimited!