Sunday, April 30, 2006

L'amour! Crepes! Secret agents!

Just when I was about to accept that God hates me, Rob, my dear old friend gave me some great news... Are you ready? Well... The new JAMES BOND TEASER is finally here, sinners!!! And it looks sooooooooo cool (even though it's in French, hehe)
So, today, I reached two conclusions:
1) Casino Royale will be awesome, even though some puritans still think it's a bad idea to cast Craig. By watching this teaser you can star appreciating that Craig is perfect for the role of a younger Bond, just starting in the business. He gets dirty. He bleeds. Yet he's still the man for the job. It looks like a pretty well done movie, with great special effects, lots of action, explosions, and stuff that will sure keep all of us, damn Bond junkies hooked up even more with the franchise... And my second conclusion of the day..
2) Today, God doesn't hate me. I just realized he just has a damn weird sense of humor. I guess HE's been pretty bored lately. *sigh*