Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Life's a series of hellos and goodbyes...

*Mr. Marshmallow and Ms. Mysterious are speechless. For a minute or so, they just sit there, in front of the screen, trying to cope with what happened. They both have a knot in their throats and a funny feeling in their chests.* What just happened? They just saw Doctor Who's School Reunion episode. And sinners, it was fantastic.
Now, understand something. The first time we ever saw Doctor Who, was more than a year ago, when Chris Eccleston took up the role. By the second episode we were hooked. We became addicts. There's a thing with Doctor Who, that some people may not understand. It might be cheesy and silly most of the time, but there are some special moments that just lift your spirit and make you fly. Yes, I'm corny, but what the hell. That's the way it makes you feel.
School Reunion is one of those episodes. Sarah Jane Smith's character comes back, even though Mr. Marshmallow and I had no idea who she was ( we only knew her by reputation), we still could feel the importance of her character and how important her relationship with the Doctor was. We could understand and feel how her life had been without him.
Both David Tennant and Elisabeth Sladen were superb in their roles, delivering some of the best moments I've seen on TV . One of those moments was when she asks him why she was left behind. Why the Doctor didn't come back for here. The way Tennant masterfully answers that... The look on his face... MAAAAAAN, I just think of that scene and I freeze.
The truth is, that far from just being an entertaining adventure episode, School Reunion deals with the sad part of being the Doctor's companion. What happens when you're left behind? What happens when after watching all the universe, after living adventures every day, after saving different worlds and species, you just have to go back to earth to pick up your life where you left it? Could you be able to have a relationship with someone, after meeting a man such as the Doctor? Really, how would you react?

I remember last season's finale, when The Doctor (Eccleston) sends Rose back to Earth, while d he stays to fight the Daleks. I remember Rose, sitting on a restaurant, listening to Mickey and her mom talk trivial things. Rose snaps out, and asks how can she be expected to settle to get a regular job, to watch telly while she knows what she's missing. When she knows she can do more.
Damn, I felt so miserable. It was one of those moments when you realize how tiny your life is. So much to do, so much to learn, and still, is not enough. Not enough time. Not enough life. Not enough anything... But that's another story.
Anyway, my conclusion? School Reunion is the episode when David Tennant truly became the Doctor. He's THE man, my dear sinners. And I can't wait to see where he'll take us next.