Sunday, October 29, 2006

About my birthday...

Twenty- nine years old. My first year far away from home. I can't lie and say I didn't miss my birthday parties. But what the hell, this year wasn't bad, it was just different. I did some of the things I love the most; kicking people, watching movies and being with Mr. Marshmallow. So, I guess I can't complain, can I? It was pretty good... although the day after I began with my pseudoanalitycalmood, thinking about my life, and the things I haven't done this year. Goals I haven't reached, or worst yet, how I have no clear goals. How sometimes I feel more lost than ever. How I have no idea who I should be by now. What to do when you need some words of wisdom? In my case, I just read again a birthday card one of my best friends sent me. It said:

"may you always be yourself, keep struggling with that existencialistprone- dorkycomicstripfan- hardrockdrumvibratingrebel within you so you can always keep wandering for more, so you never settle and never never grow up."

So yeah, maybe that's who I am. A 29 year old girl that will never settle. That has no idea what to do next, 'cause there are so many beautiful things in life that she will always be looking for more. And more. A girl that enjoys geeky things that according to society, she should have stopped loving a long time ago.
I'll keep on dreaming, and hoping, as if time stood still, and as if every breath wasn't bringing me closer to my last... Do I have a Peter Pan complex? Maybe. I guess I'm just a wanderer, always trying to find the perfect sunset. The perfect moment. The perfect dream.
And yeah, sometimes I have to admit that I look around and seems that life's against me. My strength leaves me and I just want to give up. And I think of nothing else, but a single word: Simplicity. Keep your life simple. Love what you do. Do what you love. Never stop dreaming, even though as we grow older our paths seem to get darker and the world thinks we don't deserve to dream anymore.

So, have I bored you yet? Huh, I remember now.. NO ONE reads this blog! Hehehe.. Whatever. I guess I just wanted to rant for a while. See ya around, sinners! And thanks to my friends, for loving me just the way I am ( you know, sexy, smart and humble) :)

...forever young, I want to be forever young...