Saturday, November 11, 2006

Lazy Sunday morning...

Ms. Mysterious' just woke up after watching last time an AWESOME Pearl Jam concert (the second one in a year, since last November I saw them back in Mexico), so I'll be a Ms. Mysterious of few words today:

- As you probably know, the new Spiderman 3 trailer's out. Looks promising...
- Jack Palance died. Creepy dude, rest in peace.
- The next Superman movie will be called: Superman: the Man of Steel. No, I'm not eager to watch it after the Returns fiasco.
- Saw Flags of our Fathers the other day, and even though I love Clint Eastwood and the movie has some really amazing scenes (it's impossible not to be touched by the last scene on the beach), I got to say that the film doesn't cut it. Amongst my complaints, the main ones lay on the edition, which is inconsistent at times, and in the story, which doesn't lead you where it should... Anyway, watch it and decide for yourselves.

Aaaand... ahm.. that's it. I'm to tired to think of anything else. Oh and one last thing: I'm thinking of changing my name to Mrs. Vedder... What do you think about that?