Saturday, November 04, 2006

Wii came, Wii saw, Wii kicked some a$$!

Ms. Mysterious reporting from Down Under. It was a dark night, and Mr. Marshmallow and I were on a secret quest; to be the first in Brisbane to play the new Nintendo Wii. We arrived to the secret location, where there were other 35 lucky bastards, just waiting for the moment we would all be lead to the magic room...
Finally the wait was over. We signed some papers promising we wouldn't take pictures or video, we sold our souls, and arrived to a room with 8 Wii consoles. It was time to play! Our first game was Wario Warez: Smooth Moves, and it was the perfect way to start. The game it's really silly (but it's one of those games that will be awesome to play when everyone's drunk at a party- sadly not me), anyway what was impressive was the way the remote (wiimote!) responded. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
So, to make the story short, we played from Tennis, Bowling (from Wii Sports). Air Hockey and Duck Hunt (Wii Play), and Excite Truck, Zelda and Wario Warez. The one that I like the most was Tennis. It's sooo much fun. Yeah yeah, I know Zelda rules, but you're talking to someone that's never finished a game. EVER.
In all Nintendo gave us a fun night, filled with games and yummi food. I would have liked a t-shirt that said "I played Wii and you haven't", but I guess I can live without having one. Thaaaanks Nintendooooooo. Can I have my Wii now? Wii sports and wii music? Pleeeease?