Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Patience sinners, He's coming...

Hail Bond! Just a couple of days 'till we see Casino Royale. In the meantime, rejoice watching all the trailers of every Bond movie ever made in the last 45 years.

Not enough? Check these lists of the best and worst Bond girls over the years. Personally, I don't agree with some of their choices, such as Carey Lowell, aka Pam Bouvier (License to kill) as one of the 10 worst. She could fight, shoot a gun, fly a plane, and she even saved Bond a couple of times. What's not cool about that? On the other hand, Tanya Roberts aka Stacey Sutton (From a view to a kill) surely deserves to be no. 1 as the WORST and most annoying Bond girl EVER. Totally useless.

And what about the 10 best Bond girls? Michelle Yeoh aka Wai Lin (Tomorrow Never dies), Carol Bouquet aka Melina Havelock (For your eyes only) and Famke Jansen aka Xenia Onatopp (Goldeneye) definitely should be on the top 5... Yeah, I love Bond girls that are not just damsels in distress. So, sue me.

Anyway, have fun watching that, plus all the extras you can find...
Soon the wait will be over. Hold on sinners, Bond is coming soon.