Friday, June 22, 2007

In Spielberg we trust!

Yup, Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, once again. Yes, they just started filming. Yes, I'm really excited. It brings back so many memories, you know? I remember freakin' out the first time I saw everyone melting as they were opening the ark on Raiders of the Lost Ark. I remember the total and absolute fear when the heart of that Indian guy was being taken out in the ceremony, as Indy, Willie and Short Round watched. Then I remember being old enough to go to the movie theater with my best friends (plus my friend's dad), to watch Indiana Jones and the last crusade... I went back and watched it for another 6 times , plus God knows how many other times I watched it back home when the video finally came out. I knew (and still know) most of the dialogues, the music, the moves, everything. God, those were the days... Heroes saving the day....
(Ms. Mysterious feels a funny thing on her chest. I guess she still have feelings after all).

As usual, I'll keep my fingers crossed, and hope this will be an awesome adventure, the last and best of them all. Looking forward to see you soon Doctor Jones!