Monday, September 20, 2004

The bat returns! Amen.

October! He said his birthday it's in October!! And he eats cereal!! I knew we had things in commmon. :) Ok people, The Batman cartoon. I must admit, it entertained me. After years of watching an older Bruce Wayne, with certain kind of animation, with certain voices (Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, etc) I thought it would be virtually impossible to like this new cartoon.
Thank god I was wrong.
From the moment this guy, this UBERGOD, emerges from the shadows to get the bad guys, and I listened to that misterious voice pronouncing the words...those sacred words:
"I'm the Batman" ...well, that was enough for me.
The way he moves, the way he fights, everything looks ...fresh. He's younger, faster andsmoother. He seems to enjoy more than ever all the bat gadgets, the batcave and the batmovile. (Oh the batmobile...Yes. Chics dig cars. )
The relationship with Alfred it's what I liked the most. Alfred is, as always, his mentor, his guide, his partner in his quest for justice. And I love the idea that they celebrate with a cake his third year as Batman. Cute.

And who was the villian in this episode? No other than Mr. J!!! Yes, the Joker. Hey, he deservesit. He's the meanest son of a &@%#*$"!! we'll ever get to know. He too looks younger, and very much athletic than before. At times it was like watching Cirque du Soleil..the guy was an acrobat, dancing in those red skies and above the green sea. And yes, he's more creepy than ever.

One thing bothers me a little though. I wasn't able to see the darkness in Bruce. We all agree that by this time Bruce was already a tortured soul, yet in this episode sometimes I sense him too..peaceful. I don't know, maybe I got the wrong impression, but it made me wonder if we're ever going to see that dark side of Bruce, of Batman, in this cartoon.

Overall I got no complains. Keep it coming! The Batman it's a cool cartoon. Let's give it time to grow. I have hope that in time, it'll become great.