Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Come, sinners! Fun! Adventures! For only 12 cents!

Don't you just love to buy cheap and good stuff? How about the 12 cent adventure of no other than the Dark Knight itself? So, yeah. I bought the first issue of Batman: War Games, and I highly recommend it. The issue is narrated by Stephanie Brown, aka Spoiler, (who also was Robin for a short period of time), who's watching closely a meeting being held by the bad guys (won't tell who) while she tries to figure out what went wrong with her relationship with both Robin and Batman. Pretty vague my description, huh? Do you think I should give you more details? Hell no! Buy it! It's only 12 cents! One small complain though. Even though I like the whole idea of the captions to look like if the girl actually WROTE the damn thing...Have mercy! Sometimes it's kind of hard to read. (Or maybe I'm just too old. Whatever...)