Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Superman:Secret Identity- blessed are trade paperbacks

There's nothing like reading a great story. To easily relate to the characters, wanting to know what's going to happen to them. To secretly hope for some happy ending, which will give you some confort in your own life. It's to take part in some great adventure, that even though
you're not the hero, you sure feel like one at the end of the story.It's so beautiful just being ableto turn the pages and wonder what will happen next. And with that beauty, comes a little sadness, because you know it has to end sometime.
So what story made me feel this way?
Superman: Secret Identity, by Kurt Busiek and Stuart Immonen.

So, I know all of my life I've wanted to have powers (You too, admit it!) Everytime after watching a superheros movie, or reading a comic, comes the depression to realize that I'm earthbound, that I will not travel to another galaxy, to know I won't be able to fly around like a
bird, to know I wont be able to run at superspeed to catch a train....
*My god. I really have issues.*
Don't lie to yourselves sinners! You KNOW you would love to have superpowers. Just think about the x-ray vision. Oh yeah.
Anyway, Superman: Secret identity is about a teenager that lives in the same real and boring world you and I know. A world without superheros, kryptonite or powers. And his name is Clark Kent. Just like the one from the comic books. He doesn't have any powers. Not until now.
So now imagine YOUR dreams suddenly coming true. Now YOU have powers. Right now. On this precise moment as you read this stupid blog. What would you do? Would you show everyone? Get rich and famous by selling your story? Travel around the world? Go to the Olympics? WHAT WOULD YOU HONESTLY DO?All the fame and fortune that could come with the powers sounds great, but what about your privacy? Your safety and the one's close to you?

This comic has a lot of great moments, and sue me for being sappy, but I love when Clark tells Lois his secret. Now, THAT'S romantic. (My dear Mr. Marshmellow man, I hope you can fly), I won't say more, in case you haven't read it.

Busiek gives us this wonderful story, about a guy and the different stages in his life. From an introverted teenager, to an eager writer, to a concerned husband and father, to a wise old man, Superman: Secret Identity reminds us that in the end, everything is about moments, and that even though everything changes and everything ends, there's always something new and beautiful to hold on to.

So, that's it. You may go now. Eat a pizza or something.
Ms. Mysterious out.