Thursday, December 30, 2004

Judgment day all over again.

Remember Terminator or Matrix? How humans became over dependent to machines, and how in the end it ruined our lives? Well, judgment day is starting all over again. Right here. Right now. In a small town which I call... NUMBTOWN. The name of the doomsday machine: Ipod. I have now in my IPOD 1450 songs, 4.2 days of music. And I'm just starting. I spent most of my days getting my CD's inside my beautiful machine of hell. I can't blog. I can't workout. I can't read comics. I barely talk with people anymore. This machine is destroying my life! I can't ...Get....Away...From...It...It's calling me now... Beware sinners! The end is near!!
(Ms. Mysterious will blog later...She promises)