Saturday, January 01, 2005

2005: Holy year of pizza

2005. A new year, full of possibilities and love and ... Who am I kidding?! It's the same thing as always. Ok, instead of being 2004, is 2005. Big deal. It's the same as always. You learn to live day by day, you try to learn from your mistakes, and you hope that this year will have less shitty things to deal with. You hope, (just like you do everyday of your life) that your life will be good. That you'll stay sane. That the bond with your friends will become stronger. That you won't become a really really really stupid person. That you'll find the peace you need in your soul.
So this year I'll try something different. I'll do the same most of you do. Look back and meditate about the things that happened and learn from it. *Ms. Mysterious takes a few seconds and remembers...*

Hmm... So this is what I learned:
- Stupid girls don't now how to drive (avoid confrontation at all cost)
- Modern medicine is not so modern. No one can cure a simple cold.
- If you eat a lot, you get fat.
- If you go on a long vacation, don't return to your hometown. If you return, buy prozac. Tons of it.
- Saying what you think (sometimes) will get you in a lot of trouble. So, say what you think, and reward yourself with a pizza or an ice- cream.
- Don't spend too much time or money in how you look. Sooner or later a stupid hairdresser will do exactly the opposite of what you wanted him to do.
- When your boyfriend asks you where he should study always answer: LONDON (okay, you can change it to the name of the country you would love to visit/live)
And the most important thing: In every phrase you say, add the words -IN BED-. Life will be much more interesting that way.
So this is what I learned -in bed- this year. What will happen next? I don't know. It will be as always. One day -in bed- at a time.
Oh, and one little thing. I just want to tell my friends that I realize that I'm pretty stupid -in bed- most of the time. Thanks for sticking around :)
So, see ya later -in bed-, Sinners! Enjoy this new year.