Monday, May 02, 2005

Ms. Mysterious: Hopeless addict

I'm so weak... My life's been slowly consumed by Jack. What has happened in the last couple of weeks? Why haven't I posted hardly anything at all? Well...Blame Jack Bauer. Blame 24. DAMN!
A couple of minutes ago I finished season three, and ladies and gentlemen, it RULES. Totally.
Yup, great action, interesting twists, a tormented and junkie Jack, and not too much of Kim Bauer's stupidity. It's definitely way much better than season 2 (I admit it S3 still has some really annoying inconsistencies) and I might even say than season 1. Yeah, yeah, some of you believe that after season 1 the show was never the same, but things run much more smoother now that the characters are so well developed. Let's face it, season 1 was good, but mostly it was because it was a fresh idea, and because most of people could relate with a guy that made everything possible to save his family.

Anyway, now I'm still deciding if I should start watching season 4 or wait for it on DVD....Oh, decisions decisions...
So, right now I'm watching the DVD extras instead of working on some school papers. Or going to sleep.
Damn Damn Damn. Jack Bauer, you took my life!! WAHHH!!!!!!!