Thursday, December 08, 2005

It's evolution, baby!

On 1992 I promised myself something. As it usually happens, as you grow up you tend to forget your promises, desires and dreams. Unexpected things come in your way. Life comes in your way. Yet sometimes, you get another chance and you're finally able to live up to your promises.

Yesterday I was able to fulfill that promise. Yes, sinners: Be happy to know that I went to a Pearl Jam concert and I had the fun of my LIFE. (Just for the record, I never said my promises were interesting or complex. At least, not this one). Anyway, I jumped and screamed. I slam danced (is that how you say it?) I was again fifteen, feeling on top of the world, strong enough to fight everyone and everything, feeling the music running through my veins. I was living just for that particular moment in time. No past. No future. Just the moment, the adrenaline, the music. People actually joining together, becoming ONE. Strangers lifting you in their shoulders, creating a moment that will last a life time.

The night was cold as hell and even though I was freezing and at the same time soaked in sweat for all the jumping and slamming, I just couldn't stop moving. I kept on even though my entire body was cursing me for giving them such a hard time.

What can I say about Pearl Jam itself? They're old school rockstars. They are everything a rockstar should be: Intense and powerful. They still conserve the same energy they had 15 years ago, while their songs and lyrics haven't aged a bit. Eddie Vedder still has that amazing soul breaking voice and watching him perform live was like watching a true legend. At times, he reminded me of Jim Morrison. Yeah, sue me; The combination of Vedder's look, voice, and personality just hypnotized me. Besides he has great communication with the public. He even spoke in Spanish!..Who am I kidding? Right now, I can only think of how fraking sexy he is. Damn.

The rest of the guys, Stone Gosard (who's also a cutie) Mike McCready, Jeff Ament and Soundgarden's formerly drummer Matt Cameron were absolutely fabulous. They played with energy and precision, letting the music flow and the songs grow.

My favorite songs? Animal, Black, Do the evolution, Alive, Rearviewmirror. I guess you've all been there. You are in a concert, they start playing your favorite song and for a moment your heart stops. You look at the sky and scream and thank all the gods for that perfect moment. Oh yeah.

In all I had the time of my life. I moshed, I got lifted on the shoulders by a total stranger, I jumped, I screamed, I sang, I danced. It was just awesome. I've been to good concerts, but let me tell you: Pearl Jam is definitely on my top 5.

So, what's the final thought here? It's good to feel alive. Yeah baby!