Friday, December 30, 2005

Round 287: Evil Dentist vs. Ms. Mysterious

Today I fought my final round against the Evil Dentist. I´m afraid to inform you, all my dear sinners, that Ms. Mysterious lost this final battle. Yes, I was afraid. I felt the pain, and even though I´m sometimes courageus, this time I was a sissy. But alas! This war is over and it shall continue (hopefully) some time not too soon. I have time to prepare myself for my next visit. Maybe if I start taking drugs now, next time I visit her I won´t feel a thing!
Oh yeah, and one other thing: Today I´m founding LET´S HATE MR. MARSHMALLOW MAN club. He went with me to the Evil Dentist, and she said his teeth were perfect. She didn´t even touch them. Damn him. He drinks coke before sleeping! He has the same teeth brushing habits I have!! So, if you have ever felt the excrutiating pain of going to the dentist join me! Let´s hate Mr. Marshmallow and all those people with their perfect teeth. Remember, is nicer when you share your hate with someone :)