Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Oh Grammys! Don't break my heart, my achy breaky heart!

*Sigh* Please, no comments about this post's title. Grammy's are just around the corner and I was planning on making a huge prediction on who would win. I was making my humble list, category by category when I realized .... I suck. I've never done this. Unlike the Oscars, I have no idea how to predict a winner. Who are the winners? The guys that sell a lot throughout the year? Or could it be that the judges actually see the quality of the music? (Oh poor Ms. Mysterious, so old and still so naive...Of course it's the money.. But let me dream okay?) So, here is my short and humble list; I'll post it just in case all my predictions are correct, I can rub it in to you all my faithful and silent sinners.
Record of the year - green day
Album Of The Year -(Sadly) Kanye West. Hopes on McCartney
Song Of The Year - Sometimes you can't make it on your on -U2 - (Damn, not really sure.)
Best New Artist - Keane (International projection?)
Best Female Pop Vocal Performance - Hollaback Girl -Gwen Stefani. (She's sexy and knows how to dance?)
Best Male Pop Vocal Performance - Fine Line - Paul McCartney (Ex- beatle. A leyend- Great album)
Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal - Mr. Brightside The Killers ( There's no way I'm going to chose the Lonely boys)
Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals - Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz Featuring De La Soul (nasty cartoons that sing and play cool songs. It's impossible not to love them)
Best Pop Vocal Album - Love. Angel. Music. Baby. Gwen Stefani (Again, she's sexy and sells a lot. Plus, she destroyed If I were a rich man. Damn her.)

After this I couldn't continue with my predictions. I couldn't stop laughing. Or crying. Damn, I'm not sure which was it but bear with me. Consider this as a pop quiz: What element (or artist in this case) does NOT belong to the best solo rock performance category?
Eric Clapton - Bruce Springsteen - Neil Young - Robert Plant - Rob Thomas

...tick...tock....tick...tock.... BUUUZZZZ.. YES! You're absolutely right! ROB THOMAS is the answer my dear sinners! You've just won a trip to Happyland!

Okay, now you understand my dilemma? I couldn't go on predicting on categories that dared to include in the same sentence gods like Clapton and Plant with a guy such as Rob Thomas. Nothing against the guy, he's just waaaaay out of da' hood, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I'll keep my fingers crossed for some of my favorite bands and artists, such as Clapton, McCartney, Springsteen, Foo Fighters, Coldplay, System of a Down, Rolling Stones, Franz Ferdinand, and B.B. King.

So that's it for now. See you all later. And remember: Music good. Pizza good. School bad. Watch the grammys! Throw tomatoes at the TV !! YEHAAAA!