Sunday, February 06, 2005

Oh yeah. Reading time.

Have I told you how I need vacations? I MISS BLOGGIN EVERY FREAKIN' DAY!!!!! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Yes my dear sinners, my jobs are time consuming..But alas! Ms. Mysterious blog shall prevail, or my name will no longer be Ms. Mysterious woman of...of...Mystery! *sigh* Let's start, shall we?

Judd Winnick is one of my favorite writers of the last decade, with great, amusing titles such as Barry Ween, Green Lantern and Exiles. So, when I started reading Batman: As the crow flies, (Winnick and Nguyen) I expected a story worth reading. Man, I was wrong. The word to describe As the crow flies would be...BLEH. The story is pretty flat. The bad guys are The penguin and Scarecrow and...That's it. To be honest there's nothing else worth mention. Aaaanyway...Let's talk about more pleasant things.

After the bad taste As the crow flies left me, I prayed for a better Batman story. And that's when War Drums comes in. The TPB collects Detective comics 790-796 and Robin 126- 128. (Writers Andersen Gabrych and Bill Willinham, Artists P. Woods, D. Scott and B. Walker). The most interesting thing about this story is to watch Batman, a loner, a man obsessed with his job, deal with his surrogate family, including Dr. Leslie Thompson, Alfred, Tim Drake, and Stephanie Brown (Robin's replacement at the time). And even though is not the best Batman story that you will ever read, it has great memorable moments that will make it all worth while.
So, that's it. The gods of time finally gave me a chance to catch up with my reading and blogging. I guess those human sacrifices were useful...Muahahaha...*Sigh* just kidding! Okay...No more bad jokes...(at least not today) I promise :)