Sunday, February 13, 2005

To Galactica and beyond!

So, I guess that I should introduce myself.... I am Mrs. Mysterious Marshmellow's boy toy... errr.. boyfriend, and I'll be popping in every once in a while to takj about, well, comics, movies, tv, books ans so on...

But enough about me, I mean seriously, who wants to know about the fact that I am living in Australia, while my bombon is living in numbtown? Why would you care about the dificulties involved in keeping such long distance relationship alive for so long? I mean let's face it, you are reading this because the title for the post says Galactica... and thus Galactica I shall blog about. I will speak about the wonders of Battlestar Galactica, I will sing to the winds about how Galactica is probably the show to watch this season.

To be honest, Galactica is now my favorite show (it used to be Alias, which quite frankly has sort of lost its focus, its charisma, its appeal, and quite frankly has proven to be boring as hell). However Galactica has surprisingly proven to be the most compelling hour on television I've seen in years. I say surprisingly because I never thought that it was going to work! I mean let's face it, I thought that Science Fiction television was dead! Neither Andromeda nor Stargate had proven to be compelling enough, for me at least, to keep me watching them on a weekly basis. As for Enterprise... well, It just never seemed to work.

Galactica however has proven to be a compelling and fantastic show to watch. I have found the scripts to be intelligent and adult. The actors, both men and women, are sexy, capable and charismatic. Edward James Olmos is very effective and sometimes intimidating (when needed) as Commander Adama, but having said that, I love the way that Mary Mcdonell put him in his place on the fifth episode. And while I know that the premise isn't original, it's a remake after all, It has been really well executed so far. So I can now certify that Battlestar Galactica is Sinners approved. So go, watch, repent for watching silly shows like Enterprise, days of our lives, NCIS and so on... Go watch the best sci-fi in television in years, and probably the best show on tv this season.

P.S. will add a blogroll and so on soon. And no, expect more Galactica goodness in later posts, there is really a lot of things to talk about the show. It's really the only show that both the ms and I talk about after our weekly tvdate...