Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Take one minute. Okay, maybe two.

It's just one of those weeks. So much work that you feel you barely have time to breathe. Sometimes things happen so fast, you just lose sight of what makes life interesting and beautiful. And it's then, in the middle of the night, when you decide to take the time to look around you and remember what makes you happy What makes you whole. So, this is what I'm doing tonight. I took a couple of minutes to feed my beautiful blog with useless but cathartic ranting, and to find some music that could lift my tired soul. Here's what I found: Stereophonics.

I look around at a beautifiul life I been the upper side of down; been the inside of out but we breathe, we breathe
I wanna a breeze and an open mind I wanna swim in the ocean, wanna take my time for me, it's all free So maybe tomorrow I'll find my way home

- Maybe Tomorrow

Oh yeah.
Just what the doctor ordered. Buy it, download it, borrow the cd, or find another song that fills your soul. Just take a minute for yourself. Look around you and do something that you really enjoy. You deserve it.
Now Ms. Mysterious will go to sleep... See you around