Saturday, March 05, 2005

Today's favorite capital sin: GLUTTONY

I eat, therefore I'm a pig. I just had one delicious homemade ham and cheese sandwich. And for dessert: Tim tams. Yes, I still have one pack left from my beautiful trip to Sydney. Oh, happy days... I promised myself yesterday that I saw "Supersize me" that I would control myself. That I would change my eating habits, That I would take care of my body and mind. But hell no! I'm weak and been eating like a pig. ..Hmm.... Omnipotent puedquito (my plush pig) can't stop looking at me. I think he's in love. *sigh*
Whatever... I guess I'll start to eat healthier food on Monday. Now, I'll drown my sorrows watching ALIAS, Smallville and Galactica on my weekly TVdate with Mr. Marshmallow man. Mmmhhh yummy ..Marshmallow...

P.S. Talking seriously, if you haven't seen Supersize me, rent the dvd. And if you watch it and that's not freaky enough, go to the bonus section on the dvd. Watch the Morgan Spurlock's experiment with hamburgers and McDonald's french fries. I'll tell you a secret. McDonald's french fries do NOT decompose. Yeap. CREEPY.