Saturday, January 14, 2006

Day 6 - The mystery of the disappearing ants

Just a quickie. Life's getting better I guess. It seems I finally got a new apartment closer to the city. It will be a 100 percent sure on Monday.
One of the things that has made this transition a little bit difficult is the fact that I share my pseudoapartment, ( "the cabin of hell" as I call it) with a colony of ants, giant spiders and creepy no name insects. Plus, my allergies are killing me since I live surrounded by what it seems to be all the plants in the world that I'm allergic to. But as soon as I move out of this place, things will be smoother. I know it. Well, at least I got to thank my resident ants and spiders, since they seem to have left for the weekend. Is good to know that they too take a break from the world.
G'nite sinners! Don't forget to put your insect repellent tonight.