Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ozzy ozzy ozzy oi oi oi.(8) ..(Something like that)

January 26, Australia Day. A day of barbies, crazy Australians, and lots of foreigners that call themselves Australians. I know, I know. Part of the beauty of Australia is that basically everyone's from some other country, and migrate to Kangarooland and call it their home. It's fine. Sadly, right now, I just feel like I'm at Epcot Center.
Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the place. The only thing is that Australia is so young and so diverse that you can't FEEL the culture. I don't know. I might complain a lot about Mexico, but the true is, that there's a lot of history that makes us what we are. What is the Australian culture? If you go to France, to England, to Israel, to Japan, even to the USA, you still can understand and can respect what the culture of that country is. Their past. Their contribution to the world. Here?... Here, I still don't get it.
Earlier tonight, I was lying on the park, watching the fireworks take over the sky and I just felt so... Lonely. I long for that sense of belonging. I miss my friends, my family, la banda.
I love to spend some time alone, but this is different. How do you define who you are? I know it's easy to say that you alone can be defined as a person, as a human being. That you don't need anyone or anything to tell you who you are... But... Still, we're humans. It's in our nature to BE with someone. To BELONG to a group. And at the same time that sense of belonging makes you stronger when you're alone. Am I saying too many stupid things already? ... Okay I'll shut up now. Just two last things to complain about:
1) What's wrong with the Australian accent!!! WAHHHHH!!
2) It's amazing how people eat French fries here. Having said this... They're pretty tasty. The food, in general, is great. Lots of things to chose from. Hmm.. Cultural diversity. Good for your stomach, confusing for your soul.