Friday, January 20, 2006

Siiiingin in the raaain (8)

Finally some good news, sinners! Mr. Marshmallow is now officially an Australian Resident. Hooray for the kangaroo boy! Now, I'll be the one that will have do all the waiting in those long lines at the airport. Damn him. =)
On other news, I have the keys to the new apartment! Goodbye Cabin of Terror! Hello little piece of heaven! Today I read my first comic there (Ultimate FF), ate my first apple and used the bathroom for the first time
Okay too much information for you guys.

And it's raining!! I loooooove rain! My umbrella broke in two and I had to run to catch the top that flew away but rain is still sooooo beautiful. I even felt like I was in my beloved London. Shame of the Australian accent. I still can't understand a word they're saying. Well, it doesn't matter, as long as they're cute.
YEEAAAHHHH we're movin' out tomorrow!!! No stupid ants will attack me now! Muahahahaha!
Oh yeah, I might like this after all... :)