Sunday, January 15, 2006

New Superman pics! Allergy girl saves the world from the Killer Koala!

Sinners! This week you shall call me Allergy girl. Beware of my supersneezing power! Behold of my nasal congestion! Yes, I AM dangerous. And no. I didn't save the world from the Killer Koala. Not yet.
Well, it's been a week since I left Numbtown and I feel I've been away forever. I'm exhausted and sick beyond human comprehension. But I think it's safe to say that I'm not depressed. Which is a good thing since I'm far far away from home and there's no way I can chicken out and buy an airplane ticket today. I can't wait to have a routine again. To go to school and get to work. To kick someone. To feel useful. Also, I can't wait to leave the Cabin from Hell (or as Mr. Marshmallow calls it, the "Love Shack"). Anyway, let's leave my sorrows on one side and rejoice (or convulse, as you wish) watching some of the new Superman Returns pics.
I don't know... Somedays I have complete faith on Bryan Singer, and some days it's really hard. My first and foremost complaint of all is that Brandon Routh is NOT sexy. He's not fit for a suit. I can't but compare him to Christian Bale in Batman Begins. Now, THAT guy did his homework. But alas! Let's wait and hope Superman Returns will be the movie we all wish it will be.