Sunday, July 22, 2007

The end of a wizard's tale...

It's Sunday afternoon, and Ms. Mysterious has finally wiped the remaining tears from her face. It was time to accept it; Harry Potter's adventures were over.
Yes, I've just finished reading JK Rowling's last and final book in the HP saga: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I won't spoil anything for you in case you haven't read it. I will just say it was a trip, and adventure, and that I, like many others, are happy to have being part of it, and yet sad to say goodbye to our favorite characters.
As I closed the book and all that I had just read finally sank in, it was sad to see how the magical world which I was immersed for the last day and a half, disappeared before my eyes... Reality seemed much more... real. Dumb, I know, but you catch my drift.

I still remember the first time I took a Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone in my hands. I wasn't (and maybe I'm still not ) an eager reader, but I decided to try a couple of pages of that book. I still remember how the magical world swept my off my feet by the first page. (A cat reading the newspaper?!). That was the beginning of so many adventures, that are now over... I'm pretty sure I will not forget this day, how as I read the last page, tears of joy and sadness fell through my cheeks. Yeah, yeah, I know it's a story after all, that it's all happening inside my head. But, as Dumbledore says, why on earth should that mean it is not real?

Anyway, Long live Harry Potter and his friends. I can't wait to see the rest of the movies. At least we still have that to look forward. And please, my dear sinners and muggles, don't forget to remember Hogwarts motto in years to come.
Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus
(Never tickle a sleeping dragon)

You never know when you might need it. =)

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