Sunday, July 08, 2007

Turn it up to 11! (or not)

Well, Live Earth concerts are now over. No, I didn't attend to any of them. yes, I'm all in favor of saving the planet and all that. Yes, I also, LOVE concerts, music festivals and all that stuff.
I was able to watch some cool performances on the net, being my favorite venue none other than Wembley Stadium. It's official, Brits always get the best stuff.

I could perfectly picture myself jumping and crowd surfing while listening to Metallica, Block Party, RHCP and Foo Fighters, watching in awe living legends such as Genesis and yes, Spinal Tap, singin my heart out with James Blunt and Damien Rice, remembering my childhood while listening Duran Duran songs, and remembering my crush as a 8 year old with Simon Lebon ..

I'm pretty sure they were all awesome performances (no, I haven't seen them all), and that people had the time of their lives.
Having said that...

This wasn't the best of plans if you are really concerned in saving the planet.

I won't go into detail trying to make numbers of what the carbon emissions of the concert were. I have no idea. That's something you could ask to Mr. Marshmallow, not me. But definitely I'm not stupid (or at least not THAT stupid) to know that concerts of this magnitude are not the best way to adress the problem. How many people traveled to the concerts? How many took planes? Lots of the artists even arrived on their own private jet. Little details like that, make this whole Live Earth to be a wrong execution of a good idea.

What about making sessions with all these artists? (If you've seen Sessions at Abbey Road, you know what I mean) What about that? you record it, you transmit it through the net, create all your awareness ads and stuff. Then you could sell the whole DVD with all the performances plus a t-shirt and a bracelet or something like ONE campaign. (we ignorant but good people like that kind of stuff) Give away all the information/ awareness packages to schools. Give away the DVD on the street. Sell them for carbon credits. Plant a tree and get your DVD. I don't know, I'm surely NOT an expert, but still, there must be a better way to do this. We're so used to big music festivals supporting a cause, that we have learned to just ignore the cause and go to enjoy the music. Yeah, we feel all envirnomentalist while we're there, or we feel that we're actually making a difference by just being at the concert, but once we're back in our homes we just keep on living as it never happened.

Anyway, just ranting. Thanks for dropping by. Remember to turn off the lights on your way out. =)