Sunday, February 13, 2005

Social experiment no.1:The Galactica affair

Mr. Marshmallow man has spoken. Actually, he took the words right out of my mouth. Damn you! Now what am I going to talk about?

I guess it would be futile to say, once more, how Battlestar Galactica rules. How yesterday that I saw episode six on my weekly TVdate with Mr. M, I was still impressed by the interesting, juicy plot and character development they have.

Characters are flesh and blood, just like you and me, sinners. Yes, they're on a spaceship chased by robots but that's beyond the point. The interesting thing, what makes them unique are their flaws. They're not perfect heroes, with answers for everything. They're just like you and me. Humans. And THAT'S when you fall in love with a show. When writers and actors are so good that they make you empathize with someone on screen. When you believe it could be you up there, just trying to survive day by day.

Let's face it. Science fiction has never been take seriously by society in general. Some people just believe they're just stupid, childish, intranscendental stories. Well, Battlestar Galactica will prove them wrong. Really, you should make an experiment out of this. Invite your best non-geek buddy to watch Galactica. Then, when he realizes how wrong he's been about Sci-fi genre, make him be your slave for a couple of months for all those years he spent in ignorance.
Come on, Sinners! Let's make this a better world for all the geeks to live in!