Sunday, February 13, 2005

The case of the disappearing TV plots

Yes. More ranting about TV shows. So, sue me! This is what I do on the weekends, you know? I have my TV dates with Mr. M, and we watch Alias, Smallville, Galactica and The Daily show with Jon Stewart. Everything to keep up with this romantic, corny and beautiful long distance relationship. (It's no picnic you know! You may laugh now but someday I might write a book about it! "How to avoid killing your boyfriend that studies on the other side of the world" ) But enough about me. Let's start chopping heads off.

Alias S4 Ep6- Nocturne. Sydney gets a dangerous, mind-altering hickey in What it seems somewhat like a combination between the movie "28 days later" and some creepy Warren Ellis story.
But don't worry! She survives (Sorry if I spoiled you anything, but you see, SHE'S the protagonist. She can't die in the middle of the season).

As Mr. M said before, Alias has lost its focus. Remember those beautiful, glorious days when Alias was fun to watch? When you suffered everytime the show ended on a cliffhanger and you wanted to throw stuff to the TV? You cursed the name of JJ Abrams because the show was so damn good that you didn't want to wait a whole week to see where the story would go.

Yeah, I liked episodes 4 and 5, and episode 6 had nice moments. But I don't want NICE moments. I want COOL moments, incredible, mind-spinning, heart- pumping episodes! In the old days (and by that I mean seasons one and two), if you failed to watch one episode, the next one was confusing as hell! Things HAPPENED on the show. There was a plot. The story took us to places. Rambaldi, SD- 6, Sydney and Vaughn's romance, Irina's intentions, the relationship between Syd and Jack, Syd's double life, the Alliance, the constant danger!

Not conviced? Just try to explain to someone what happened on season one. Then on season two. Then season three. Then tell me what has happened until now in season four. Noticed how long you took explaining Seasons 1 & 2 and how you really couldn't say anything interesting about season 4? What has happened until now? Everyone works for Sloane now. We still don't now his intentions. Jack and Syd are back where they started. Vaughn are Syd are having a weird relationship. Irina is dead (supposedly) and....That's it! But where are they going as spies? They've been fighting against biological weapons over and over again, with no connection whatsoever between them.

I still have faith in this program. Really. I love the characters. But I want to see them grow! I want to see changes! I want to watch them make life altering decisions at the same time they eat a pizza and save the world! So, please Mr. Abrams....FOCUS!!!!!!!

*Breath Ms. Mysterious....count to ten....breath in..breath out...*
Now we may continue.

On the other hand we have Smallville S4 E13 "Recruit", where Clark goes to Metropolis on a football recruiting trip. Lois gets in trouble. Clark saves the day. Okay here's one example of stupid, yet entertaining, plot with character development. Erica Durance is perfect as Lois, slowly winning Clark's affection, while we get to see a little bit more of how the teenage Clark deals with problems and how little by little he turns into the boy scout of steel that we all love. Not enough motivation to watch it? Well, if you think Viggo Mortensen is cute, the bad guy on this episode (Chris Carmack) is Viggo's younger replica. (I almost can assure you he's a clone) God bless genetics!