Sunday, February 13, 2005

Pay for your sins now! Read Vogon poetry!

Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. If you've read the books already, You got to admit that everything about this movie just looks ...PERFECT. This is a picture of the Vogons,the guys that will destroy the Earth to make way for a hyperspace bypass. What's interesting about this guys is that the way they torture people is by reading poetry. Yeah, you might think that poetry is not THAT bad, but you haven't heard THEIR poetry!!! Yes, sinners, the third worst poetry in the universe is written by Vogons. So if you have someone you want to torture (just as I want to torture my high school students) you might find useful this link where you have your own Vogon Poem Generator!!!!

Here's my very own vogon poem. If you want to pay for past sins and suffer keep on reading. This WILL get ugly.

See, see the fighter sky
Marvel at its big pink depths.
Tell me, Puedco do you
Wonder why the poodle ignores you?
Why its foobly stare
makes you feel annoyed.
I can tell you, it is
Worried by your ajua! facial growth
That looks like
A cheese.
What's more, it knows
Your pensacola potting shed
Smells of peas.
Everything under the big fighter sky
Asks why, why do you even bother?
You only charm shoess.

You think you can do worst? Show me! Let's fill this world with Vogon poems!Posted by Hello