Monday, February 14, 2005


Happy Valentine's my dear and faithful sinners!!! This year I've decided to put a little more attention to this dreadful and corny day, you know, just like one more social experiment. And just to continue with this romantic, sexy mood, my favorite song today is "Down with love" by Spanish artist/composer Miguel Bose. Once again he reinvents himself in "Velvetina" , his new album, a combination of electronic music, elegant arrangements and friendly pop melodies . If you've never heard of him before, and you want to listen to a great production, I strongly recommend this album. If you can't stand even for a little bit electronic beats and arrangements, and your more into adult contemporary music, listen "Bajo el signo de Cain" (1993) and "Sereno" (2002), both are really great albums. That's it for today, sinners! and remember:

...Give it all when in love...

- Bose