Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I know I shouldn't be watching this but I ...just...can't...control...myself. Here it is my dear sinners, the last Superman Returns trailer , (the one that came out with Xmen 3, but now in glorious quicktime). Oh yeah, and the movie will be out in theaters TWO days earlier than expected.
June 28th, sinners; With any luck, Superman will make history again.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Ms. Mysterious has seen X Men: the last stand!

...And amazingly it didn't suck.
What I expected to be a terrible movie, turned out to be a very entertaining action thing to watch. (Don't worry, I won't spoil you anything, you may keep reading)
The movie is no piece of art, and to be honest, Bret Rattner is not a very good director. Yeah, he makes the movie work, even though they have like a thousand sub plots and new mutants, and yeah, he delivers great action sequences (thank god he's not into the camera shaking mode just like JJ Abrams in MI3). You can see that Rattner really did the best he could. Yet, with another director (Bryan Singer for example) and more time to develop a better script, this would have been the movie we all hoped it would be.
Having said that... I had a lot of fun watching it.
As expected, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan are just perfect in their roles. They are true gods. Period. And the opening scene where they appear 20 years younger..Wow. Those CGI guys are true masters. Anyway, Hugh Jackman and Famke Janssen are also pretty convincing in their roles, delivering convincing emotional moments which will make you want to kill someone since this is the last movie of the saga. Damn.

So, yeah, I liked the movie. The action is great. Performances are pretty good. The saga closes well. And yeah, I'll see it again. And dammit I want more X-men movies!!! Who knows? Maybe 20 years from now they go on and make another one...
*dream on Ms.Mysterious*...

So watch it, and decide for yourself. (Don't forget to stay 'till the credits end, if you want to watch that extra scene). It's time to make your choice, sinners! Do you like Xmen 3? Do you hate it? It's time to make a stand...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The rider is coming

Ghost Rider 's domestic and international trailers! I know it's not going to be the best comic book adaptation, or even a movie that you won't be able to forget in time, but at least it seems it will be one of those movies that will provide you with TONS of fun. I'm not very convinced with Eva Mendes as the romantic interest, but in spite of that I liked the way the visual effects and stunts look. Even Nic Cage's toupe is so good that it makes him look sexy.
Anyway, hope you're a patient person, cause you'll just have to wait 'till February 16th 2007. Heheheh.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Mexican passion...

Want to hear something cool? Try the Dutch/Mexican/American gothic/prog (?) band Stream of Passion, and their album Embrace the Storm. Back in Numbtown I had the chance to listen (and to meet) to Marcela Bovio and Alejandro Millan, with their other band, Elfonia. Bovio's beautiful, mysterious singing is just hipnotizing, while Millan's progressive keyboards are enough to make you jump out of your seat. Add to that a couple of virtuoso bandmates and you have a feast for your ears. Having said this, I just have to admit that even though Elfonia is a great band, and I love most of their songs, sometimes their music is hard to digest. You have to be in a certain mood to hear them. It's not the same with Stream of Passion; we have metal guitars, gothic vocals and songs that are easy to follow. Yeah, blame me for loving catchy songs. Anyway, just go to their website and download for free a couple of their songs. From Stream of passion, I truly recommend Haunted, Open your eyes or Deceiver. As for Elfonia, I recommend los libros el tiempo and ... de todas mis heridas.

37 days, 17 hours, 27 mins...

Superman Returns international trailer... Let me just say this, sinners: It ROCKS! Just watch the guy fly! And don't you dare tell me that you aren't excited.
It's official; I can't wait to see it.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Aawwwwwwwww. Yes, more cuteness.

Okay, forget everything I said in the last post. THIS is cute. (I apologize for this extreme cuteness lapsus. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll be my usual annoying heartless self)


I'm sorry, but is this cute or what? Yeah, Ms. Mysterious is having fun and wasting time watching cute little animals here.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Supercartoon coming our way

Behold, for here's an image of the upcoming Legion of Superheroes animated series. As you can see we have (from left to right) Phantom Girl, Brainiac 5, Saturn Girl, Superboy, Lightning Lad, Timber Wolf and Bouncing Boy. I'm sure they'll be fun to watch . Still, I miss JLU and Teen titans. No more Ollie. No more Batman. *sniff*

Two Gods, one Wii

Our powerful and almighty gods, Steven Spielberg and Miyamoto, playing Wii. They sure look like they're having fun. (Which makes me want a wii even more). Bow before them sinners! For they have seen the light and power of the Wii!

Supes is watching...

Superman Returns poster, my dear sinners. What do you think?

Monday, May 15, 2006

Wii love Wii!!!!!!

I want a Wii.
There. I said it. Mr. Marshmallow told me that HE was going to make a post about this, but he's so happy and amazed and excited that he doesn't know how to begin to explain how much he loved the new Nintendo Wii. Even I loved it and I'm not a gamer. (I still have problems passing to level 2 in Pacman) So, if you want to give us a present this Christmas, buy us a Wii. Can't wait to play Red Steel (sword fighting game) or any of the wii sports. Or wii music. Or whatever these guys come up with. Just watch some of the Wii trailers ( trailer 1 here and trailer 2 here)and please, admit it. It looks fun and it Wiill be fun.
Later, sinners!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Oh yeah? But can the Doctor speak Klingon?

probably not (and neither can I before you ask), but when we were watching episode four of the Tenth Doctor (the girl in the fireplace), there is a sequence where the doctor speaks French, and let me tell you... Oh boy.. I thought that Ms. Mysterious liked me, and was charmed by me but... damn... she heard the doctor speak and well... let's just say that I had to get a mop to clean her mess :)

Okay, fine I exaggerate, I just went for a towel. (great episode though!)

Hm, so how's your life going?

Yeah, look at the image. That's what Ms. Mysterious will want for Christmas. O, don't you wish sometimes you had something like this to make your day a little bit better, before it gets even worse? Because believe me. With a little time and luck, it CAN get worse.
Anyway, some negativity to share with you, my dear sinners (is good to share things, you know!)... And don't worry, I had some pizza and drugs today, so, I can assure you that I'll keep my good mood for at least another 5 hours. Enjoy the rest of the weekend! =)

(By the way, art courtesy of Next Wave by Warren Ellis and Stewart Immonen)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mais, je ne parl pas francais!

Oh yeah, Casino Royale's teaser, now bigger and in English. Enjoy again =)

I am not a number , I am a free man!

Just when I thought this was going to be a regular Friday, without surprises, I read that Chris Eccleston (ex Doctor Who) will be Number Six, in the six episode miniseries remake of The Prisioner. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, The Prisoner tells the story of Secret Agent No. 6, that after resigning he's captured and held prisoner in The Village. So, No. 6 is basically trying to escape from it all the time.
The funny thing is that, it was only until last week when I started watching this series! And let me tell you, I'm loving every second of it. The imagination and surrealism, the concepts about loss ofindividualityy and control... I don't know, I'm still amazed how advanced this TV show was for its time. Anyway, I know some of you might consider making a remake of the Prisoner somewhat of a capital sin, but what the hell, let's see this remake as an homage and not as something that's trying to take the place of the original series, 'cause let's face it. It would be just like trying to escape the village: Virtually impossible.

Maybe the crisis was a bit finite...

I liked it... but I must say... that sadly... well... sorry Rob, there was no Valor involved :)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006



More comments later... Ms. Mysterious has to go and pretend she works...
Oh yeah....SUPERMAAAAN!!!!!

Life's a series of hellos and goodbyes...

*Mr. Marshmallow and Ms. Mysterious are speechless. For a minute or so, they just sit there, in front of the screen, trying to cope with what happened. They both have a knot in their throats and a funny feeling in their chests.* What just happened? They just saw Doctor Who's School Reunion episode. And sinners, it was fantastic.
Now, understand something. The first time we ever saw Doctor Who, was more than a year ago, when Chris Eccleston took up the role. By the second episode we were hooked. We became addicts. There's a thing with Doctor Who, that some people may not understand. It might be cheesy and silly most of the time, but there are some special moments that just lift your spirit and make you fly. Yes, I'm corny, but what the hell. That's the way it makes you feel.
School Reunion is one of those episodes. Sarah Jane Smith's character comes back, even though Mr. Marshmallow and I had no idea who she was ( we only knew her by reputation), we still could feel the importance of her character and how important her relationship with the Doctor was. We could understand and feel how her life had been without him.
Both David Tennant and Elisabeth Sladen were superb in their roles, delivering some of the best moments I've seen on TV . One of those moments was when she asks him why she was left behind. Why the Doctor didn't come back for here. The way Tennant masterfully answers that... The look on his face... MAAAAAAN, I just think of that scene and I freeze.
The truth is, that far from just being an entertaining adventure episode, School Reunion deals with the sad part of being the Doctor's companion. What happens when you're left behind? What happens when after watching all the universe, after living adventures every day, after saving different worlds and species, you just have to go back to earth to pick up your life where you left it? Could you be able to have a relationship with someone, after meeting a man such as the Doctor? Really, how would you react?

I remember last season's finale, when The Doctor (Eccleston) sends Rose back to Earth, while d he stays to fight the Daleks. I remember Rose, sitting on a restaurant, listening to Mickey and her mom talk trivial things. Rose snaps out, and asks how can she be expected to settle to get a regular job, to watch telly while she knows what she's missing. When she knows she can do more.
Damn, I felt so miserable. It was one of those moments when you realize how tiny your life is. So much to do, so much to learn, and still, is not enough. Not enough time. Not enough life. Not enough anything... But that's another story.
Anyway, my conclusion? School Reunion is the episode when David Tennant truly became the Doctor. He's THE man, my dear sinners. And I can't wait to see where he'll take us next.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Bond. James Bond. Tada taadaaaaah(8)

Yeah baby... The official poster. Haven't seen the international trailer yet? Watch it, sinners! Bond looks p-r-e-t-t-y good. Yeah, he's a god. Deal with it.