Friday, November 25, 2005

Hello Mr. Bond! Au revoir, Pat and Sydney!

Gooooooooooooooooood Morning, sinners!!! Some news for this glorious Friday morning:

- 007's Casino Royale will begin shooting next February, Daniel Craig and M included. Locations will include Bahamas and Prague. The movie will be released in Nov 17th, 2006 in the US and of course, in Australia it will be ONE MONTH LATER! (God is punishing me)

-In other not so happy news Pat Morita (aka Mr.Miyagi) died of natural causes yesterday at the age of 73. Long live Mr. Miyagi! ( Wax on wax off, sinners)

- As Mr. Marshmallow man said last post, Alias is finito! Kaput! The TV show will say a final goodbye on May 2006. THANK GOD.
It's so sad when a good show such as Alias ends this way. Stupid, empty storylines. When Vaugh died and I realized I didn't care at all, well, that was the end for me. I still had hoped that things would improve, but sadly they didn't. Seasons one and two were absolutely fantastic. Season three was not so good, but still, it had some great moments. Season four was just boring, and season five is just TERRIBLE. I've been watching the episodes but it's been a real punishment. Now, I'm just happy that they're putting it out of its misery. At least they'll show a little dignity.
Oh well, Sydney Bristow was a goddess, even though it was for a brief moment in our lives. So, goodbye agent Bristow! Thanks for all the a$$ kicking and the cool breathtaking moments.

Is "the end" an Alias for "cancelled"?

Yup, finally putting it out of it's misery, ABC has decided to send Jenniffer Garner deep undercover to never be renewed again... Alias shall now be known as gone, finito, finished, done, cancelled, and "thank god that they finally got rid of it"
Let's face it, the show never recovered from the super-cool second season...
more to come tomorrow from da mysterious one.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Colombian poetry for the soul...


Viajar es marcharse de casa,
es dejar los amigos
es intentar volar
volar conociendo otras ramas
recorriendo caminos
es intentar cambiar.

Viajar es vestirse de loco
es decir"no me importa"
es querer regresar.
Regresar valorando lo poco
saboreando una copa,
es desear empezar.

Viajar es sentirse poeta,
es escribir una carta,
es querer abrazar.
Abrazar al llegar a una puerta
aƱorando la calma
es dejarse besar.

Viajar es volverse mundano
es conocer otra gente
es volver a empezar.
Empezar extendiendo la mano,
aprendiendo del fuerte,
es sentir soledad.

Viajar es marcharse de casa,
es vestirse de loco
diciendo todo y nada con una postal,
Es dormir en otra cama,
sentir que el tiempo es corto,
viajar es regresar.

- Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The first Superman Returns doll. This is wrong in SO many ways... *sigh* Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 19, 2005

The signs are all around! I've seen them!

The world is about to end. Definitely. First I saw a great Harry Potter movie; then the cool Superman Returns teaser trailer, and now I've seen six glorious minutes of Doctor Who with David Tennant. Oh yeah. Second season will be great. But now, let's just watch the first Doctor Who mini adventure and count the days for the CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!!! (1 month, 5 days and 7 hours in case you're wondering) WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rejoice, sinners! It will be a fantastic Christmas!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Irrefutable proof of God's existence!!

There is a God, now I'm absolutely sure about it. The proof:

Damn! I can hardly describe what I felt when I saw it. But let's go back to last night at 12:01, when Ms. Mysterious (moi) was sitting at the movie theater. Yes, she was happy and anxious because she was about to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. But that was not all, no sir. She was even more excited because she was finally going to watch superman return's trailer. Lights went out, I held my breath. Guess what happened? The bastards decided not to show it!. But I soon forgot my discontent 'cause HP was so damn good! (I'll rant about this later, let's focus now on Supes).
I arrived home at 3:00 am and I had to get up to work a couple of hours later, so, to make this story short, I downloaded the teaser at 3 pm today.
My heart was beating faster and the world outside seemed to have stopped. I put on my headphones, got as close as I could to my computer screen and pushed play.

Then I heard Brando's voice "Even though you've been raised as a human being your not one of them ..." The music started playing ...We see the Kent farm...Teenage Clark leaping over the corn fields...The Daily planet... Lois ... Superman watching over us...

I couldn't stop smiling... I even have to admit that tears of joy came out of my eyes. What can I say? This is so much more than a movie. A lot of my friends ask me what so important about Superman? Why is this comic character wearing blue and red pajamas so important in my life?

There's a reason why Superman has endured throughout the years. Why his symbol is recognized and respected all over the world.

As Brando says in the trailer "...They can be great people Kal- El, they wish to be. They only lack the light to show the way..."

That's who Superman is. He reminds us that we're not alone, that we're here to help each other. That we're here to share the pain and the joy of being alive, of being human; Of being different and at the same time of being the same. Superman is the one that gives hope when we think there's no justice, nothing worth fighting for in this life. He makes us believe there's someone that cares and at the same time that all of us can be great, as long as we try our best. He might be from another planet, but he's as human as us. He bleeds, he cries, he laughs and he loves. He looks for answers and hopes for the best.
Superman is more than a comic book character. Superman is everything we should be; He's the light that shows the way. Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 14, 2005

Heh, heh, heh... Doctor Who vs. The Cybermen ... I guess second season will not be as bad as I thought. (Damn, I'm a geek) Posted by Picasa

What's wrong with the world today? Robocop and Terminator remakes? Indie 4? Billie Piper leaving Doctor who? And worst of all ....Aquaman TV series WITHOUT the cute guy from Smallville!!!! What about us? What about our needs? Just look at him!!! We all to watch a sexy, wet guy from time to time!
Oh, cruel cruel world.... Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Monkey business

Now, this is more like it! King Kong's new trailer. The monkey looks bigger, faster and deadlier. Yes, he also looks cute. Big monkey loves tiny girl. Isn't that romantic?
I guess after watching this I'm more willing to spend three hours of my life watching a monkey on screen (I'm talking about Jack Black, the other monkey I can stand) . Anyway, I know Peter Jackson will surprise me. It will be a great movie, right Peter? Please? Just remember that we are more than happy with just ONE ending.

History 101 by Spielberg

I often wonder, what is the purpose of making movies? A good filmmaker wants to create, to tell a story, to express a feeling, to leave a message, and if you're lucky (and really good at it), to change people.

Spielberg is a god. Yes, some people think he has lost his touch. That he is more technical now and less passionate. Some people, including me, has compared some of his classic works such as Close encounters, Jaws, and Raiders of the lost ark with movies such as Amistad, A.I., War of the Worlds and ask what the hell happened to the guy. I'm not saying those are bad movies, but let's face it, they didn't have the MAGIC that makes Spielberg movies unique. When he makes a great movie he has the power to touch our hearts, to make us dream, cry, and hope.

So, after a couple of years without a classic spilbergesque movie, the master will be back with I'm sure it will become one of the best movies of the year: MUNICH

The story takes place after the massacre occurred at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Germany, when eleven Israeli athletes were held hostage and ultimately killed by the terrorist Palestinian organization Black September. Spielberg focuses on the team sent by the Israeli Government to kill all those responsible. The operation was known as Operation Wrath of God.

Watch the trailer. You will understand what I mean when I say it will be one of the best movies of the year. Why I say that Spielberg is back, delivering a story full of human emotions, a story that will make us feel again. Isn't it what being human is all about? Don't you hate being numb? Let us feel sadness and loneliness. Let us feel love and joy.
Yes, yes, I'm a crazy over sensitive, idealistic person... I'll go to bed now.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Sinners rejoice! There's still life after twenty eight!

My life after birthday no. twenty eight:
Got tickets for Pearl Jam concert! Day: December 7th. Place: Numbtown
Got a lot of chocolates. Yup. I've been eating a lot lately.
Went to play Gotcha. I got my ass kicked. (I got to go back soon and defend my honor).
Been reading Narnia Chronicles. Now I dream with talking powerful lions.

Hmm. Yeah, I think that's pretty much it. Oh, yeah! I almost forgot... Say hello to Ms. Mysterious, proud student of Southbank Institute in Brisbane, Australia. Yeap, I've been accepted, tuition's been paid, and my Marshmallow man still loves me and wants me there by his side so I can protect him from killer koalas.
Oh yeah. My life's going to change. I'll be far, far away from the place I call home, from my friends, my family, my life. I'll speak a different language from my own, I'll face new traditions, new ways of thinking... I wonder how much I'll change. Who will I react to this huge change. I wonder if my people will forget me. And yes, it sounds scary , but what can I do but live? In Neil Gaiman's immortal words:

Some things area changeless. People love, and die, they dream, destroy,despair, go mad. They fulfill their destinies, live out the course of their lives.

Will I go mad? Probably. Will I keep on dreaming? Sure. Will I follow my heart and love until I bleed? Definitely.

Love sure makes you act weird. Sure, there's so much you can loose, but it's worth the risk. So, I'll keep you posted. These are the first steps towards change. In the next months you'll be a witness of the ending of my old life and the beginning of a new one. I will die and live again. Will I survive this transition?
Guess you'll have to read this blog to find out :)