Friday, July 30, 2004

We have rebuilt it. We have the techology.

It cost us six million dollars, so, REJOICE! May your eyes explode with over extasis! May your hearts desintegrate with overjoy! May your journey to the dark side be completed!
Yes my friends, we have a new look, thanks to the great artist and geek, my chocolate marshmellow, dear JOCHO. Hope you enjoy it... and by the way, BOW SINNERS!! BOW TO MIGHTY PULGOSO AND OMNIPOTENT PUEDQUITO!! Yes! you ARE lucky and special because you are looking at their images!! Kneel! Repent! And yes...they ARE watching...

Stupidity WILL prevail. Deal with it. a biiiiird - scene from the movie BRAZIL Posted by Hello

Dreams, society and illegal plumbing

Last night I saw Terry Gilliam's BRAZIL. And believe me it's inspiring. Jonathan Pryce(Tomorrow never dies, Ronin) plays Sam Lowry, a guy that works for a grey, bureocratic system (don't we all?). After spotting a mistake that leads to the arrest of an innocent man, he starts a quest that will only take him to his doom.
Sam lives in a society where things are expected from him, such as having a more respected job position (even though he likes where he is). Everything is paperwork and bureaucracy. Women only care about how they look, putting themselves in physical danger with every operation to look younger. There's a scene where Sam, his mother and a some friends are in a restaurant, (eating something that looks like a more juicy version of soylent green), and suddenly an explosion comes off. People scream, bleed and die in front of their noses and they don't even blink. They just keep eating, while the restaurant owners try to make their dinner more comfortable by putting a dividing wall between them and the mayhem.

The movie has great performances, starting with Pryce portraying our hero, and also has great actors in smaller(but not less important) roles, such as Ian Holm, Robert DeNiro, Bob Hoskins and many more.

Gilliam's vision and direction is impressive. The sets and the props are imaginative. Every little detail on screen makes you believe in that crazy place, and at the same time, you know it's not so far from where we live now.

There's a lot to say about the many similarities of our world and the world portrayed by Gilliam. But I'll let you see it. And even though this movie is funny in many ways, it's also scary. It's a critic to the society we live in, about the things that surround us that sometimes we get used to see and accept. Sam Lowry's sin was wanting to do the right thing. Accepting mistakes and trying to correct them. And also having dreams of his own. To fly away, to be free, and to love.
Sometimes I wonder how many Sam's are out there right now, getting punished and destroyed
for thinking by themselves. For getting a little out of line. For caring. And how many of us just stare and see it as normal.It happens, you now. Every single day.

And why the movie is called Brazil? Well, see it and we'll talk. It's easy. Just read the tag line used when the movie first came out in 1985:

It's just a state of mind.

The cool narcoleptic guy... what? he is not a narcol....then why the hell is it called that way?!!! ..sigh.. Posted by Hello

God will punish me if I complain today

My mind has been wondering of what can I tell you about comics. I' ve talked about the guys that I love, like Superman, Batman and Spiderman... I've talked about the atrocities in the world, the powers that tempt to mengle and destroy with great things such as Fantastic Four, Green Lantern and Catwoman. And today, that I really don't feel much like complaining about anything, I feel I should say a couple of good things about the world :
Ok, I take it back. I COULD complain about a great number of things, such as why things that are absolutely delicious such as pizza, ice cream and chocolate (in any form and shape), make us look like killer whales, and why humans are so fragile that we get sick, and why we don't have superpowers so we canuse our x-ray vision to... ok I'll leave it to your imagination. But ok. I'll control myself. At least for the next hour.

I've been Down Under for the last six weeks, visiting my muse, my dear and loved plush toy The Mighty Pulgoso, who happens to live with my boyfriend. This guy was the one that re-introduced me to comic books (I used to read my mom old superman issues when I was a kid. No, she doesn't read them anymore. She's been in denial for the last 30 years- sad but true) And thank god for this vacations because I've been able to catch up with my reading. And you know what? it feels SO good to know there are really good stories out there.
However, I warn you. Whatever I might say, might be kind of obsolete for those of you who live in first world countries, with the ability of getting comic books anytime your heart desires. Because let me tell you, that living in a third world country where it's basically impossible to buy any comic books at all, sucks.
So here I am, preparing myself to leave in a week, with a whole shipment of trades just for me, ready to carry them in my (more or less) 28 hour journey in planes and airports, to my hometown, which will call NUMB TOWN. No action there, no comics, no concerts, no decent museums, no great architecture...but still, I guess good (selected) people make it worth while.
So, before I leave to hell, I'll tell you what I've read lately. (And yes, if you haven't read any of this, consider my words as divine and buy those trades right now)

I read a couple of months ago POINT BLANK (by Ed Brubaker and Colin Wilson), which is kind of an introduction for this other comic I'll talk you about, but truth to be told, I had no idea what was coming. SLEEPER is by far one of the most interesting comic books I've read in a while. Written by Ed Brubaker and art by Sean Phillips, it's basically the story about a guy named Holden Carver, and agent in a secret and powerful organization lead by Tao, a guy you wouldn't want to have an argument with. But the thing is, that Carver is also a sleeper agent, working undercover, with only agent Lynch to confirm to the world that he is one of the good guys. The thing is that Lynch's been in a coma for quite some time now.So basically Carver is in limbo, he's not even sure where he stands, just trying to survive every day, convincing both sides of his identity. In regards of the action, this comic book for me is a combination of a james bond movie, with superpowers involved ,(but with a REALLY good plot); but is also a dark drama, of a guy stuck in the middle of two worlds, trying to remain true to himself. The world in this comic is not black and white, is grey, and the lines of what's right and wrong slowly fade as you turn every page. Really, is an addictive comic. And by the way, two words: MISS MISERY. She is a goddess. Creepy, insane... just got to love her.

So that's it. Buy the comic. Now. Did I told you that I CAN SEE YOU? that I KNOW every move you make? every breath you take? I'll be watching you. even sounds like a song!
I might have a future in the music bussiness! So.. read good stuff filthy sinners! Read!!!
And remember...The Misterious Woman knows!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Wouldn't it be wonderful just to have images like this one in every school? in every church? in every Seven- Eleven? In our works? oh what a beautiful world it would be... Posted by Hello

If I love guys in flying rodent suits does it mean that I'm a zoophilic?

What can I say but...I was wrong. We don't have to wait any longer! the Batman teaser is here!Come want to see it...and if you already have, you'll see it again, and again and again.

Everything looks amazing. Wayne Manor and Bruce Wayne as a kid look as if they were taken directly out of the comic book. Christian Bale looks pretty convincing (and scary) as the tormented Wayne and as Batman. Michael Caine as Alfred is just perfect.You can feel the bond between the faithful butler and Bruce. I only got one complain. I really wanted to see Batman doing something. Anything. Not just a lifless image. Guess I'll have to wait 'till the trailer goes out. But hey! I'm happy! Nolan is making a great job and by looking at the teaser I believe he will take the time (at least 45 minutes of the movie, I assure you) to introduce the character, the man,  before he became the Batman.
My mind and soul and mind is ready to be filled with exquisite scenes of Batman Begins!
Please tell me I don't have to wait a WHOLE year for this!
....    .....     .....
Chocolate...that's a good way to feel happy and forget sorrows.....yeah...lots of chocolate to fill my empty spirit. Try not to think to much about the guy dressed up as flying rodent...

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Get your stinking paws off my movies, you damned dirty ape!

Remeber a couple of days ago that I was talking about an unknown man and how he ruined a couple of little pictures called Star Wars? I've always believed in the power of forgiveness. The power of people to change and become better human beings.But you know what? I guess I've been wrong.
Ladies and gentlemen, Lucas has done it AGAIN!
He is on an evil rampage to destroy ALL Star Wars movies. It has been confirmed that Sebastian Shaw, the guy that appears as the ghost of Anakin Skywalker in Return of the Jedi, will be replaced by Hyden Christiansen on the dvd version. Shame on you Lucas!
And that's not all. No siree! There will be more changes. But I'll say no more. Please join me in this moment of darkness. See with your own eyes how Anakin is supposed to look, and how little by little, all the good that existed in the world slowly fades away.
And now, please do me a favor. Hold on to your vhs copies of classic Star Wars. Download the old versions on the net. Pass it on so future generations will understand why these movies are so important, and so they learn how you cannot play god just because you have the power of CGI.

Truth and beauty will prevail. And we shall be called...Le resistance!

Cute lethal guy... I wonder if he'll answer my calls now that he's not going to be so busy..hmmm Posted by Hello

Cute, deadly, and sinful old guys dressed as penguins

The day has come. I never thought it would be possible, I always thought it was just
talking, that it was one of those things that would never happen. But I was wrong. It
Pierce Brosnan is no longer James Bond.

A minute of silence, a via cruxis, ten hail mary's and self- flagelation
Ok I can live with those 5 seconds of silence.

Well, apparently it's over, (although is not the first time we hear this rumor), but let's
grieve now, just in case.Brosnan started the role in 1995 with the release of Goldeneye. The film was well received by both critics and audience, who apparently were at last satisfied with who took up with the role. Timothy Dalton portrayed Bond before him in The Living Daylights and License to kill,  but for most, Dalton was never good enough for the role. BUT let me tell you that I believe he was wonderful. The guy showed us the humanity in Bond. He bled, cried, and had second  thoughts about the job. And even though he only made two movies, I have to confess one of my favorite Bond movies of all time is License to Kill. LUV IT. And yes, I've seen them all. I know the dialogues by heart of some of them.Now you ask yourselves, why the hell she is writing about James Bond flicks? Well, it all goes back to my childhood (this is the moment when the special effects come in and you see the blurry flashback of a cute little girl with pig tails holding a vhs videocassete on her hands); The first action movie I ever saw was Roger Moore's For your eyes only. I was six, and from that moment I fell in love with the explosions, the romance, the vodka martinis; love when you know that the guy that helps Bond is going to die in a really painful way; I love to see all the bad guys tell their evil plan to Bond just when they think he is about to die, and how Bond kills them, saves the day and get's the girl.
Ooooh that's how life should be. No, I don't want to get the girl. No, I have nothing against it. Yes, I prefer the cute english guy with the Aston Martin. Or BMW.  Yes, I want the convertible. ...
So, yes, I got a little sidetracked, but the thing is, since I grew up watching all these
movies, with great actors who gave their personal touch to Bond, such as Sean -please be
mine- Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Pierce -take me- Brosnan (no, I didn't forget
George Lazenby. Love On your majesty's secret service, but I'm not crazy about the guy as Bond). What really concerns me at this point, whether Brosnan signs up for the next Bond movie to be shot in January, my question is :
Who will be the next Bond? Who has the class, the charisma, the elegance, the looks?

I've been asking myself that question for some years now. Some of the names that have been
sounding lately are Clive Owen, Ioan Gruffudd, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Gerard Butler, Jude
Law, Ewan McGregor, Hugh Jackman and Eric Bana.
There are a some names I really don't see as Bond. Hugh Jackman? no class. Hugh Grant? too
cute. Eric Bana? don't know. I have faith they will make the right choice. Thank good Orlando Bloom is too
young to be considered. Yes, there are IDIOTS who still believe the guy can act. OPEN YOUR
EYES! he is just...nice. He lacks character. Ok maybe someday he'll grow up to be a man. Yes
I loved him as Legolas. I love pointy ears. And bows. And guys that hunt orcs.

Ok need my prozac. I'll go now to talk to myself.'s more or less what I've been doing here right?  hellooooooo? anybody outhere????? echo !! echooo echooo e.. oh shut up.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

DON'T PANIC! (there's still life after Abba)

People!!! Rejoice!!!!! ...see....THIS! ok, here's the teaser for the upcoming movie HITCHIKERS'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY.  The movie is based on the books written by Douglas Adams: The hitchiker's guide to the galaxy, followed by The restaurant at the end of the universe; Life, universe, and everything; So long, and thanks for all the fish; and Mostly Harmless. If you want pure and clever stupidity this are your kind of books. Ok, go on now, watch this glorious teaser, dream about great and dumb space adventures, and then go out and enjoy the world while you can (you never know if someone will come soon and destroy the earth to build a freeway)
So fly away! And don't forget to take you towel!

Monday, July 26, 2004

PAIN is waiting for HIM (also a bicycle without a seat)

Just to share my mysery with you guys in case you didn't know already...The Batman Begins teaser trailer will be realeased with Alien vs. Predator  movie,  on August 13th. No, it was not released with the shameful Catwoman movie.  Yes, I'm about to kill someone because I want that teaser now!!!!. And you know what's the worst part? my senses will be filled with absolute joy 'till June 17, 2005. ONE whole YEAR till we see this glorious movie.
I AM truly paying for my sins.

This is the official name for Episode III. Keep praying. And send you donations to me. Yes, it is for the obscene amount of prozac my body will need in case Lucas decides Anakin's past included tap dancing lessons with the Emperor. *sigh* Posted by Hello

Memories, like the corners of my mind, misty water-colored memories, of the way we were...lalalaaaa (oooh...good good memories...)

 Posted by Hello

The Father, the Son and the wealthy pagan that ruined everything

There is some people that believe that perfect days don't exist anymore. Well, in my on going search to reveal the secrets and misteries of the universe, I decided to prove them wrong. And what did I do? I ordered a pizza and I saw the STAR WARS saga. The REAL STAR WARS, and by this I mean Episode IV, V, and VI. No, I really try to erase from my memory the fact that Episode I and II exist. And that they suck. But I'll get to that later.

It's been I while since I last saw the classic Star Wars movies. When you get to know 90% percent of the dialogues and you tell them all along while the movie is playing, you realize you need to give it a rest.  Otherwise you'll end up going to work in your jedi outfit and talking to small non-existent furry animals... (that reminds me that Mighty Pulgoso - the owner of the universe posing as a plush dog here on earth- told me to bring him a milk shake...).
Anyway, I got prepared. I got my ham-bacon pizza, my lemonade and the show started. After all these years and all the times I've seen it, I still shiver when I see on the screen the words...those magic words...

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

Music starts...the STAR WARS logo appears on screen...and you feel home again.

I'm amazed by how this movies never cease to surprise me. Is great how the story is so neatly divided in three acts. The pacing, the climix and ending of each of the acts is simply perfect. I also love how the characters change along the three movies. I don't have to tell you what the movie is about. You have seen it. You SHOULD. YOU MUST. Really, I will destroy your puny souls with my laser beam if you don't know what I'm talking about.
Where was I? oh yeah, the characters. They grow. Luke Skywalker starts as an annoying kid and ends up being one  kicking ass Jedi Knight. He has the Force as ally. He has the coolest and most elegant weapon of all time. A lightsaber. WHOAAAA. The guy is one with the universe. Han Solo was a common smuggler and ends up as a hero, a leader, gets the princess, etc etc. Bad ass Darth Vader turns out to be a good papa. God, even C3PO ends up being a good story teller. Don't expect me to make a deep analisis about how everyone changes. It would take a while and I'm not really interested to act like Freud right now. The thing is that you learn to love this guys. Everyone of them.
Then you see the battles. X- wings, Y- wings, Star Destroyers, TIE fighters, the Millenium Falcon, AT-AT's, AT-ST's, speeders, all of the machines are absolutely perfect. Yes, I know sometimes they really look like models but it's impressive how some (or most) of the battles still look more impressive than many special effects nowadays. I don't know why that happens. Maybe models look more real? who knows...The thing is, after a little more than 6 hours of my life, and a couple of tears of happiness coming out of my eyes, I found myself sitting in front of the tv, watching a blue screen and suddenly with the urge to scream this words out loud for the world to hear:


What the hell happened with this guy? Why he had to ruin everything? All that was pure and perfect in the classic Star Wars movies, he destroyed in Episode I and  II!!!! Ok I admit it. Classic Star Wars (As I'm are calling episodes IV, V, and VI) were not perfect. BUT, it made a lot of us look at the world in a very different way. It influenced us as we grew up by changing the things we believed in, the way we wanted to be. Hell, I still want to be a Jedi Knight! There are times when I still try to move things using the force. Or control weaker minds and make them do what I please... (actually that  has worked a couple of times...hehe) You know what I mean. These movies had deeper meaning. Maybe it was sort of a guide, I don't know. But they made a difference in our lives. Episode I and II are visually impressive.  We saw great battles like the one between Obi One, Darth Maul and Qui Gon, or the perfect shivering moments like when Yoda is taking out his lightsaber and fighting Dooku. This movies too have their moments. My deepest respect to those guys that created everything in CGI. But besides that and great lightsabers fights, there's nothing more. I felt empty. I want a good story, not just to see a visually entertaining movie. Damn I want again the spirituality.
I could go on talking about the things I don't like from Episodes I and II. How the characters feel less than human. How it makes me feel absolutely nothing.  But I'll wait. I guess deep inside of me, I still have a little hope that Lucas will see the light again, will use the force, and will give us what we need in Episode III. And having said this sometimes I wonder. Could it be that we are the ones who have changed? The one's that left their spirit die, long ago, and now have no capacity to feel? That we are so lost in routine, in work, in blaming ourselves and others for all our mistakes that we are beyond any cure?  Is it possible that we don't want to go deep inside of us and let the magic of SIMPLE things, of nature and everything that surrounds us, lead us? I wonder sometimes if we have taken the path towards the dark side. If we have lost our way.
Hell I hope not.

I guess I need to make a further investigation about the topic. I know! I'll order a couple of pizzas,  have an epic lightsabers battle  against my friend and Master, Zdex, ask Mighty Pulgoso for guidance and watch the classic  Star Wars saga again. And again. And again. And again...
And may the force be with us all. Always.

Monday, July 19, 2004

I have the power...I Am the Queen of the Sea! I am the Fish Whisperer! I am... *sigh*   Who am I kidding? I don't even know how to swim....waaaahhhhh!!!
Anyway, I think is a nice picture. Yes,  that's me. Yes, I'm misterious.  Thank you, I also think I'm sexy. Hell! is it a crime to love myself?
Love thyselves sinners! as John and Paul said - LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED .
You may start by loving your filthy little minds and my useless (although catartic) blog :)  Posted by Hello

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Here HE comes again... Posted by Hello

Four blue apostles, one fat green guy and the Savior of us all

Yes, I know. This is old news but what did you expect? I needed time. My heart was broken. I had no reason to live. I looked up to the sky and I asked why God, why? Who is the IDIOT that decided that Jack Black (School of rock, Shallow Hal) would be a good GREEN LANTERN? I have nothing against the guy. I think he can be amusing sometimes, but to make a comedy out of one really Cool AND powerful character?...guys this is blasphemy. I wonder if the same guys that decided to make CATWOMAN a stripper are  behind this.
What about the casting for the FANTASTIC FOUR movie?  I'm sorry but all this project is, (and I really hope I'm wrong), going down the lane of embarrasing movies of all time. Will Michael Chiklis (The Shield) as THE THING and Chris Evans (Not another teen movie) as Johnny Storm (aka the HUMAN TORCH) will be able to show their love-hate relationship on screen?   Jessica Alba as Sue Storm? I can see the know, white, blonde chic. You can really believe  is Chris Evans sister...yeah...right. Ioan Gruffudd  as Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic? hmm...he might be able to pull it off. But still....I believe there are more actors out there that are more appropriate for this roles. Or who knows? maybe this turns out to be one of the greatest movies of all time!
Ok, who am I kidding? this movie is going to be a disaster. *sigh*

So, after grieving for a couple of hours (ok and everytime I have to watch the Catwoman trailer or poster when I go to the movies), tonight, while I looked at the sky, once again, asking why oh why bad ideas are thought by wealthy powerful people, good news came.
No, pizza still makes you fat.No, I didn't get the power to desintegrate annoying people around me. No, money is not falling from the sky. Although if it makes you happy, I believe that stupid people is...
Ok do you want the good news or not? (yes, I have this "thing"...yeah I like talking with myself. Is comforting to have someone as me to talk to)

Ok the news... Remember the SUPERMAN  movie? the one Warner has been trying to do the last couple of years? Yeah it started as another brilliant idea that included Nicholas Cage (8mm, Leaving las Vegas) as the bald Man of Steel... then it continued a couple of years later with  some other great ideas that included everything, from Ashton Kutcher (That 70's show, Dude where's my car) as Supes, then McG (Charlie's Angels) as the director for this REALLY important  project,then a script by a J.J. Abrahms (writer of Alias- which I LOOVE, but that's another story) that ended with Lex Luthor flying and announcing to the world that he too was from Krypton, etc, etc.*sigh*

But alas! at least, there's some light at the end of the tunnel.

According to Aint-it-cool-news, it seems that BRYAN SINGER, director of The Usual Suspects, and even more important for the matter at hand, X-MEN, and X2, has already signed for the Superman movie and is now officialy ON BOARD.  YEEEEHAAAAAA!!!!

[The mighty misterious woman (ME) makes her little dance, thanking the gods]

Also with him are Michael Dougherty & Dan Harris, also part of the X2 team, who will start all this project from scratch -that means no more alien Luthor-. The movie will probably be called SUPERMAN RETURNS (but you know how studios change their mind all the time)

Now we can rest that they will eagerly find the best story for the greatest hero of all time. The one that makes us remember that it's good to fight for what's right. The one that makes us believe we can be better, stronger. Not just in the outside, but on the inside. The one that reminds us that we can leave our petty differences behind and learn from each other. The one that makes us believe that no matter how much rubbish, and pain, and dissapointments we'll have to deal with in our lives, we can still remain true to ourselves.


Be happy. In one way or another, He exists.
Got to go now. Catholic fanatics with burning crosses are trying to break my door. 

Tonight's capital sin

I'm an abomination. My soul is on it's way to eternal damnation. I just ate half a bag of doritos with chicken, beans, tomato, cheese, jalapenos, and avocado. But I will not go to hell alone! no way jose! I will take my partner in crime with me.  I will not go down alone dammit!
Tonight I'm a different person. Tonight you may call me... Ms. Glutony.
oooh shame on me... *burp*
Going for an alka seltzer now...and don't you dare try to stop me! 

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

He's coming for you.....repent sinners! repent! Bow to your Lord! Posted by Hello

the batmobile...(includes a sexy creepy guy in cape - no batteries needed) Posted by Hello

Holy flying rodents! HE's coming!

Pleaaaseee!!! I swear I'll be a better person! I swear I'll eat more vegetables!...And I'll try not to watch cute guys while I hang out with my boyfriend! But PLEASE! Take this pain away. Bring BATMAN BEGINS teaser online!!
Ok for those who don't know yet....the teaser is expected to be online soon. How soon? this week. Now, THIS movie is gonna rock. No doubt about it. Has to. Or heads will roll.

Till now everything looks promising. The plot developes around a young Bruce Wayne, returning to Gotham City after years of training in the East. Obsessed with his parents murder Bruce Wayne will finally become the Batman, striking fear to criminals and bringing justice to a corrupted city. Chris Nolan (Memento), will direct it, which leads me to believe that it will be a dark, deep, juicy movie (as it should be), and the rumor has it that it will be R rated. Let's cross our fingers and hope that Warner suits don't decide to make it happy, shiny and bright and create another fiasco like BATMAN and ROBIN, just to be able to fill more movie theaters with stupid little kids that have no respect for Our Supreme Lord, Batman.

Where was I? oh yeah, as I was saying, things look great. The batmobile, even though is not as classy as the last one, looks great. Actually it looks like a tank with really big tires (you know for those cross country chases), and of course it has the "I'll kick all your criminal !#$%%@" kinda look.
In the end, I guess it is the kind of car that really pics up chics.

And then your heart starts beating faster. You tremble. You finally collapse and your mind and body is filled with bliss as you've rarely experienced before. Just when you thought thinks could not get any better, you see the REALLY COOL pics of our savior... BATMAN.

OH YEES!!! suddenly everything in your life makes sense ...

The casting is absolutely perfect. Christian Bale (American Psycho, The Empire of the Sun) as our Lord Almighty, BATMAN. Michael Caine (Alfie, The quiet american) as ALFRED, Gary Oldman (Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban, Immortal beloved), as our beloved (and at last appreciated) GORDON, Morgan Freeman (The Shawshank redemption, Deep Impact) as LUCIUS FOX, sexy Ken Watanabe (Last samurai) as RA'S AL GHUL. Cillian Murphy (28 days later) as the creepy SCARECROW. Liam Neeson. Tom Wilkinson. Rutger Hauer. Shall I continue? Are you bowing now to our Lord Our Savior, BATMAN? You should! And You will! My quest shall it be then. To identify and chase all you filthy sinners that show no reverence to HIM!
There is a GOD. HIS name is...


Thursday, July 08, 2004

Behold you sinners! SHE speaks!

I just realized, since I have THE POWER to post ANYTHING I want on the net, that I have to say this (again) just in case someone's reading...


Having said this, I just remind you that I like Spidey, but there are certain things that just can't be.
Ohhh my mind is at ease now...

A great shot from "The man who wasn't there"...but this doesn't mean that I like people to smoke around me! Repent all of you SINNERS! STOP SMOKING! Is bad for MY health!! You do NOT wish to make me angry! or I''ll have to start with my Ezequiel 25:17 speech and YOU do NOT want that...  Posted by Hello

The man, the kleenex box and the chicken soup

I miss old black and white movies. I used to watch them all the time when I was a kid. My mom loved them, so she introduced me to Captain Blood's adventures in the sea, Casablanca's everlasting love story, The Maltese Falcon's misteries,and so many others...
Why the sudden reminiscense for the old? I suppose there's somekind of magic in them. Maybe everything looks a little bit more misterious, a little bit more melodramatic, I don't know. And since I'm still sick, and without anything to do except eating chicken soup and hugging Mr.Kleenex box from time to time, I decided to watch a movie I haven't seen in a while: "THE MAN WHO WASN'T THERE" (2001) by the Coen brothers (INTOLERABLE CRUELTY, FARGO, OH BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU?)

Yeah, I know. Is not an OLD movie per se. But is a black and white movie. And a great one if I may add.
The story is quite simple. A barber named Ed Crane (Billy Bob Thornton- MONSTER'S BALL, BANDITS) lives a plain and dull life. He is sick of it so he decides to do something that will change it. That will make it better. More interesting. Complete.
He decides he will get in the bussiness of DRY CLEANING.

Yeap. And everything changes alright, but not precisely as he had planned. Blackmail, crime, revenge, revelations, his whole world changes in the blink of an eye.

I love so many things about this movie, starting with the fabulous photography by Roger Deakins (BEAUTIFUL MIND, FARGO, THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION). You'll be amazed by how he sets the atmosphere as he plays with the lights and shadows. Each frame, every second of the movie is a complete delight.
The cast is more than you can ask for: Billy Bob Thorton, playing the barber, the almost invisible man who hardly speaks with any other character through out the movie, but who's voice over leads us till the very end of it. Frances McDormand (ALMOST FAMOUS, FARGO), the unfaithful wife. James Gandolfini (SOPRANOS, LAST CASTLE),the boss, the revengeful lover. Tony Shalhoub (MONK, GALAXY QUEST), the experienced lawyer. Scarlett Johansson (LOST IN TRANSLATION), the barber's escape. They all present us with believable characters, full of life, fears, questions, and flaws. People who could be your neighbors, even your friends.

Now, for those of you who can't stand S-L-O-W movies, without a lot of action, and a simple (yet well structured) plot, this movie might not be the best choice for a friday night. But for us, old people, it lives up to our expectations.

This is a ride to the past to the Film Noir era. Is an ironic movie about bad luck, about the twisted hand of fate. The film ends, yet it stays with you. Is hypnotic. And you'll secretly crave for more movies like this. For more plots that will keep you awake at night, not because you need to find an answer to what happened, but for the pure pleasure of re-living in your head a great movie.

And if you decide to see it and you totally disagree with me, hey! I'm no expert! I'm just writing what I think. Please, come and try to break my door. I know dangerous people. ;)

Monday, July 05, 2004

Ultimate Spiderman... Posted by Hello

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Spiders on the storm

Still sick... my new best friend, Mr. Kleenex box, is almost empty. Again. I look around and I realize I'm in an empty room, with only Mr. Kleenex, Pulgoso the Mighty and Puedquito (my powerful and omnipotent plush toys) as company. But then I see him. For some it can be only the hero of the hour. For others some stupid character that it just happens to be selling a lot nowadays. But there are others, like me, that see more. He is just as human as us, struggling everyday. Not everything seems so good in his life sometimes, but still, he fights for what he thinks is right. He fights to survive another day, and make a difference. Who am I talking about?


Yeah, that guy, Peter Parker, kid with powers trying to save the world from time to time. Ok I know what your're thinking. No, I'm not having allucinations. No, spiderman is not in the room with me...he left a couple of hours ago after we saved the wor...
ok I'll be quiet now.
What I see is one of my favorite comic books, ULTIMATE SPIDERMAN - power and responsability-, by Brian Michael Bendis. Now, you're asking, what the hell this guy and me have in common? Ok first of all...give me a break. I'm sick and my body is full of drugs and mango flavored candies. Second thing...well...I believe that he is very much like all of us.
(And by the way, for those of you who live in another planet and have absolutely no idea who spiderman is....STOP GOING TO BARS AND LIVE A LITTLE! - or you can go to and educate yourselves :))

My point is that it is no coincidence that this guy has survived along the years in our culture, and that he is one of the greatest and most beloved comic book characters of all time. What is appealing about him is that he has problems just like the rest of us. His life is not perfect. He is not rich. He is misunderstood in some many ways. He has demons in his head, he has suffered, he questions his life, his actions, and wonders if he's doing the right thing.
On the other hand, he has dreams, he has loved. He has hope.
Now, if you have never felt that way, please, give me a call and tell me your secret.

Read spiderman comics...Ultimate Spiderman by Bendis, as I said before, is great.. Spectacular Spiderman, by Jenkins, with the spectacular art of Humberto Ramos, is also a great choice. Find the one that's right for you. Don't just settle for a movie or two(which, by the way, Spiderman 2 is GREAT). You will laugh, you will cry, and maybe, who knows, you'll understand a little bit more about your life, and realize once more, that we are never alone.

I'm gonna go now. Left my superhero costume in the washing machine.

Holy snacks, supper and revelations

Is 8:00 o'clock on a cold Sunday here in Sydney and I was just getting ready to watch a movie. I have everything I might need at hand: mexican candies, doritos, vanilla coke and buffalo wings. And then it comes to me. Life is GOOD. Life is SIMPLE. Then why do get this feeling from time to time that life sucks? that life is full of complications?
My worthless and evil little mind started to work (I never said it worked correctly) and I remembered a good friend of mine (who sometimes by the way, is wise) telling me how life IS indeed easy, only that we make it complicated. The reasons? maybe to end boredom, who knows... But still, I knew there was some truth in his words, but still something was missing...
And then, a couple of minutes ago, I my plush toy, Pulgoso the Mighty, gave me the answer.

Life IS complicated. But YOUR life is simple.

Does it make sense? let me explain: Life is full of things we cannot control. People's actions have repercussions in OUR lives. And most of the time, is not to improve it. It's hard for us when we finally realize and understand that we really don't have much control in what happens. That's why life is complicated. BUT (here comes the good part) We DO have control in what happens next. In our reactions to those silly little obstacles. In how we fight and we decide how stupid, annoying things will not ruin our days. That even though all that can happen, we can still remain true to ourselves.
OUR life IS easy. You DECIDE what you like, who you love. You decide if things will get you down or not. You decide if you learn and fight back, or if you give up and learn to crawl on your knees for the rest of your life. And you know what? our reactions will also affect other people's life. But this time, hopefully, it will affect in a positive way. We have a choice. We have a voice. And somebody, somewhere, might be listening.

Ok no more tylenols and margaritas for me tonight.

Fish and inventions...

Just arrived from the fish market, and let me tell you something. Nemo is dead, along with all his friends. Yummi.
Just one question, in case someone out there knows the answer. Ok, there are great scientist that work day and night to find the cure of cancer, aids, etc...Others work really really hard to find new ways to eliminate human race in less than five seconds. Others work making robots that in the end will enherit the earth. Others spend their precious time harvesting watermelons without seeds. Hey, they are nice ways to help (or destroy) humanity... Now, can you tell me, if they work so hard in doing such things, why , WHY WHYYYY can't they find a way to eliminate a simple, but an annoying COLD???!!! My nose is KILLING me, dammit!!!
Love aloe vera kleenex by the THAT is cool invention.

Saturday, July 03, 2004

that misterious, sexy shadow is me...boys, please control yourselves :) Posted by Hello


This is the beginning...your lives will be changed. Your perception of the world WILL change. You will all realize that people like me exist..and worst of all, we have the power to post stupid things on the net and no one can STOP US!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAA!

Let's start with the ultimate plan to control the earth. Let us begin then, let the words come out...let STUPIDITY rule.

Here I come. Be prepared.

(and by prepared I mean, bring tylenols, milk shakes and a pizza - in case you get pretty pretty bored... let the games begin!)