Wednesday, September 28, 2005

ACL Music Festival: Mission accomplished

Where and how can I start? Let's just say that last Sunday I had one of those adventures that will stay with my for the rest of my life. Yes, my dear sinners, I finally went to a music Festival (remember, I live in Numbtown where nothing ever happens) and better yet, I saw perform one of my favorite bands, Coldplay.

I apologize cause I shall NOT be brief. There are plenty things to say, so you better grab your some popcorn and a soda.
The adventure began on Saturday at 22:00 hrs. Me and my best buddy, Zdex, took a bus to Austin TX, where the Austin City Limits Festival was taking place that weekend. We would arrive on Sunday, on the last day of the Festival (hey, we had to work Friday and Saturday, one day is better than nothing).
So, we arrived to Austin in the middle of nowhere. Our bloody bus left us at 6 am in a parking lot God knows where, so, after a good night sleep in a bus there was nothing much to do but to walk towards our destiny.
Anyway, let's fast forward. At 11 am we finally got in. Zilker Park, a big big place, with eight stages, one market, thirty- one food stands, four trees, 65 thousand people, 108 degrees and LOTS of dust.
Okay, I have to say this again: 108 degrees (42 Celsius). This was officially the hottest day EVER in Austin's history. And Ms. Mysterious was there. Yeah, baby.

The weather didn't stop us, no sir! But it maybe slowed us a little. Instead of watching a complete gig, we decided to go from one stage to the other listening over three songs on each, keeping our strength for the grand finale at 8:30 pm. (One small comment: It was amazing how all the concerts started and ended on time. Great organization guys!)

So, we heard some great bands, some of them which I knew and others that were a complete discovery for me. Among the greatest presentations were The Decemberists (HUGE audience), Ambulance Ltd, Kaiser Chiefs, M83, Rilo Kiley, Grady, Kelley Hunt, Tristan Prettyman, Oliver Future, The new amsterdams.
Now that I think about it I feel like I didn't use my time wisely. There were so many bands I couldn't see, such as The Arcade Fire, which I heard it was one of the best shows that day. DAMN! Music Festivals are tricky. I definitely need more practice. When's the next one? I need another one! Rock on!

I know you probably have better things to do besides reading this blog, so let me finish. Franz Ferdinand was playing at 6:30 pm, on the same stage where Coldplay was playing 2 hours later. It was imperative that I got there early, before the rest of the crowd. If I didn't get a good spot for Franz Ferdinand I would be all the way back on the Coldplay. And Ms. Mysterious WANTED to be really close to the stage.
After stepping and bumping into people I finally got a nice spot. I wanted a better one but I didn't want to be killed in the process by some angry fanatic for stealing his spot.
Franz Ferdinand concert started. It was one hour with great performances, full of energy. There were a lot of new songs (same formula as their last album, catchy tunes that will sure be a hit when they reach the radio), plus the songs we all love like This Fire and Take me out. Maan, I jumped and jumped with those songs. Ms. Mysterious was warming up for what was yet to come.
Franz Ferdinand show ended and there was still one hour left to go for Coldplay. I was able to move a little bit more to the front, closer to the stage. Then that was it. It was impossible to move. We were all together like sardines on a can. We were sweating, we could barely breathe and my (warm) water supply was running out. People were restless. Most of us have been under the sun for the last ten hours. We were all tired, hungry, thirsty and heat stroked. For a moment I thought patience would run out and we would all kill each other.
Fifty seven minutes went by. The sun finally had left, and the moon came in return. We were all counting the minutes till 8:30. Minus two. Minus one. The lights went out. We all started screaming. A big screen showed a clock, counting the seconds... We heard Chris Martin's unique voice...
You're in control, is there anywhere you wanna go? You're in control, is there anything you wanna know?

....Lights went on. COLDPLAY was playing.
My heart started to beat faster, I couldn't stop singing and jumping and screaming. I could not believe I was THERE. Watching and hearing one of the best bands of the last decade. Let's face it sinners, this are the guys that will prevail and endure time making great music. This is this decade's U2. I know! Some of you might consider it a blasphemy, but let's face it. Let's listen to the songs, to the lyrics. Admit how do you feel when you hear them. Their songs bring you hope, fill you with energy and make you believe again in music. That's why Coldplay is so important. They're reaching into the depths of our souls.

What can I say? These guys are gods. Maybe their music is not complicated, or they're not virtuosos on their instruments. We're not talking of complicated drum beats, Will Champion is not Dream Theater's Portnoy. Jonny Buckland is not Jimmy Page. Guy Berryman is not Tony Levin. Chris Martin's high notes and falsetto sometimes are impossible to sing. But still, everyone was singing. Everyone was jumping. We had goose bumps. Even tears came to our faces when we heard songs like Fix you or Everything's not lost.
This guys can make you FEEL again. And that's what music's about.

Their performance was superb. Songs like Square one, Speed of sound, Clocks, Yellow (where they dropped big yellow balloons all over the audience), White shadows, Talk, The scientist, and Politik were loved by the audience. One great moment was when all the band gather together in what would it be the acoustic part of the show. Chris Martin started playing on his guitar the chords for "Till kingdom come" and when it was the time to start singing, he just had to admit that he had forgotten completely the words. Yes, in front of 65 thousand people, he added. We all laughed of course, and Will had to remind him how the song started... Steal my heart and hold my tongue. I feel my time, my time has come.
They continued with a song in honor to Johnny Cash, which I have to admit I have no idea which was it. Of course, everyone in Texas knew it, and they were happy as hell.
Anyway, as always, all good things must come to an end. And what an ending!
...Lights will light you home
and ignite your bones
and I'll try to FIX YOU. ..

They left the stage, and left behind thousands that couldn't stop applauding and screaming. This was the end of a beautiful day, an excellent night and an amazing and hearstopping performance.
For me, the adventure ended there. My mission was over. One side effect though. I've become and addict. I need more Coldplay. I need more concerts. I need more Music Festivals. Oh yes, Ms. Mysterious has found a new meaning in life. ROCK ON, SINNERS!!!!! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 24, 2005

In this issue!

Well, we're supposed to be a comics-related blog, so, some reviews of comics that everyone has previously reviewed. But I still feel the need to earn my comicbookblogger credentials, and as such I must review something. So without further ado...

Birds of prey 86. I must say that I'm a recent convert to Gail Simone's writing, but I must clarify that I'm a recent convert, not because I thought that she wasn't very good, which wasn't the case, but because of the fact that I hadn't read anything by her. This changed when I managed to get my hands on the Rose & Thorn miniseries, which I just loved. I found the writing to be sharp and crisp, and I decided to give Gail's writing a further try. I must say, that I'm now officially a fan. So, combine Gail's writing with art by three great artists (Amanda Melo, from the previously mentioned mini, Bruce Timm... yes, that Bruce Timm, and David Lopez, formerly of Fallen Angel fame) and well, what is there to say. While the story was obviously meant to be a bit of a breather, in that last issue's big, big thing wasn't touched upon, a great many things happened character wise that advanced the ongoing relationships in the book. An of course, now, they finally are a team! It only took them 86 issues and a couple of minis to finally have themselves declared "The Birds of Prey" Something which I Thought was kinda cute and cool. Still, I'll be eagerly awaiting the next issue. Love this title.

New Avengers #10. What? huh? riiight... I thought that this was meant to be an Avengers book, not an x-men book. Now if you needed a crossover of epic proportions to solve this, then fine, hey, I'm cool with that, but if you are going to do that, then please, please, write the characters well. If your issue depends on one character, and that character is Emma Frost then write her dialogue well. .. sorry, but I'm afraid that Emma Frost's dialogue rang false all throughout the issue. I guess that she's really a tough character to write now, as I've felt that she hasn't been handled well at all since Morrison revamped her.

Day of Vengeance #6. So the first one's done, question is, did we need 6 issues of this? nope. I'm sorry, but we did not. And if Captain Marvel and the Wizard have been neutralized, then how on earth is Black Adam keeping his powers? Don't they come from the same place? i.e. the Wizard? So-so series for me, but I must admit that this was a fun issue. And I liked the Black Alice character, specially her reaction of wanting to go home. It felt real somehow.

And now, before the Omac Project kills somebody else... this weeks featured comic book is....
Justice League International #8 Moving Day! I've recently started to read some back issues of JLI, and got my hands on this one. I have to say that I just loved this issue. It made me laugh, hard. It's amazing to see how different the characters are currently being handled compared to these versions. I mean, this cannot possibly be the same Batman. Our current Batman is a screwed up motherjumper. The JLI Batman? meh.. kinda nice guy, almost tolerable. Let's face it, the JLI Batman managed to work with Guy Gardner for 4 issues before clocking him (one punch, bwa ha ha ha ha). The JLI Batman accepted Booster Gold. lemme repeat that, the JLI Batman ACCEPTED Booster Gold.
Anyway, on this issue, the Justice League has been granted international status by the U.N. and start moving unto their new embassies. We learn of the Martian Manhunter's oreo fetishism, Booster's lack of moves with the ladies (and what was the probable beginning of the blue and gold friendship ) , and the fact that apparently Captain Atom is a fine building repairman (and a quick worker too!). Anyhow, I think that DC should publish these as digests. I'd buy'em.

Hmm... maybe that could be a new feature around here. Comic series that should be digests....

Friday, September 23, 2005

Tomooorrow , tomorrow (8)

Austin City Limits here I come!!!!! Busy week, sinners, and tomorrow night after yet another busy day, my adventure will begin!! Yeah, baby! I promise a full report. Rock on, sinners!

Monday, September 19, 2005

yarr!!! me dear sinners..

today, yer must talk like me pirate mates, o'else to the plank ye shall be taken. And your life would be turn asunder by the sharks 'n the sea. YAARRR. Praise be ye o great "talk like a pirate day"

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Free Harry Potter trailers for loyal sinners!

I'm in a good mood. Yeah, and you've all been nice little sinners. Here, take a look to ANOTHER Harry Potter trailer. Yes, I know. I'm a true goddess.

Mr. Marshmallow made this for me. He loves me! Or maybe he just wants something ... hmm... I wonder what... Okay Okay , I'll say it, just this time.. I LOVE MY MARSHMALLOW MAN!!!!! Yeap, you're a god, babe. =) Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 16, 2005

The world's greatest hero returns!

Superman Returns. The movie that can destroy our innocence, or that can give us back hope; That can make us believe again that a man can fly. I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering how this movie will turn out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, hoping Bryan Singer will deliver a great movie, not just with good special effects, but also with a solid story. So, until the official trailer comes out (November 18th with Harry Potter and the Goblet...) here we have a fan trailer (yeah, a FAN made it, it's NOT official, but it actually looks pretty cool) of the upcoming movie Superman Returns. Prepare to drop a few tears of happiness. It's impossible not to get goose bumps when you listen to John Williams music and you see a guy in a blue and red suit flying. Oh... It's so good to be a geek.

HP Trailer!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire new trailer, my dear sinners. Pure and absolute bliss. I can't even begin to explain how excited I'm about this movie. For me, Azkaban and Goblet of Fire are the best HP books so far. Harry's life and personality change dramatically in these two books, Voldemort is deadlier than ever. Chaos and uncertainty affect the wizard world again. Plus, we have dragons and deadly spells!
Anyway, watch the trailer!

It's Revolution Baby

Wow, that is all that I can say about the new, sexy, and extremely cool revolution controller. I am a fairly avid videogame player, or rather lapsed videogame player, as I haven't been able to play much lately. But even so, I own an x-box, and I like to keep abreast of the latest news, and games and so on. And I must say, that I am finding them a bit... well boring. I mean, there are just so many first person shooters, or driving games, or platformers that a guy like myself can play without getting bored.
So to say that I was a bit underwhelmed by the announcements of the next generation of consoles would be quite an understatement. Sure, the graphics on the systems are quite stunning, and they luke interesting, but once again, I'm only being offered first person shooters, driving games and platformers. I would probably have ended up buying one of the things, but, well at the same time, why? why would I want to buy more of the same? Some better visuals? more enemies per screen? hair on my characters? A controller shaped like a boomerang?
So I was quite surprised with Nintendo's offering. This is really cool. I love the possibilites of having a 3d mouse to use as a controller. The possibilites are really cool. Use the controller as a bat, paddle, fishing rod, gun, waterhose, steering wheel, joystick, bazooka, flytrap, dentist tools, kitchen knife for cutting sishi, drumsticks, flashlights, and it could still be used as a regular controller.
It is just so cool, and the posibilites are endless.
Viva la Revolution!!!


Mr. Marshmallow is just about to post something about the Revolution controller and I cannot let him be the first to say that is a really COOL invention. Yes! Even I , the powerful Ms. Mysterious, have to admit that I'm dying to use this controller. Yeah, even though I'm terrible playing video games and I'm the only person on earth that has never finished any Mario Bros game.
But , alas! Mr. Marshmallow may be a smooth and great video game player but I BLOGGED first about the Revolution Controller!! Ms. Mysterious - 1 . Mr. Marshmallow -0

Sunday, September 11, 2005

You're in control, is there anywhere you wanna go?
You're in control, is there anything you wanna know?
The future's for discovering
The space in which we're travelling

From the top of the first page

To the end of the last day

From the start in your own way

You just want somebody listening to what you say

It doesn't matter who you are
Square one

Some words of wisdom before I go to sleep. Oh yeah, definitely in a Coldplay mood... Posted by Picasa

Austin City Limits, here I come!!!!!

It's official! On September 25th I'll be jumping and singing songs of The Bravery, Kaiser Chiefs, The Decemberists, Wilco, Franz Ferdinand and one of the best bands of the last couple of years: COLDPLAY. I just love those guys. First of all, they're British. (I'm a sucker for guys with interesting accent). Second, even though I'm an idiot learning how to play instruments I can play fragments of their songs, which makes me feel a total rockstar. And last, but most important even though their songs are not musical masterpieces, man! Can they reach your soul or what!

Don't you have a list of things that you have to do before you die? Well, I have one (in my head at least) and in two weeks I'll be able to say that I did two of those things: Go to a massive music festival and watch one of my favorite bands, Coldplay.
Oh yes!!!!! I can die after that.


Saturday, September 10, 2005

My achy breaky heart

I know ALL of you must have seen this picture by now. Yes, I'm way late in news. So sue me, I've been busy. I just want to declare my complete support to President Lex, and from now on you may call me Ms. Luthor.... ... ... ....
Okay, I'll shut up now.
I'm just amazed by this picture. Kevin Spacey IS Lex Luthor. MY GOD. I'm starting to believe that this movie can actually be great. (Hey, a girl is allowed to have doubts) Starting with Brandon Routh's terrible first picture with the Superman costume, and followed with the whole idea that Lois has a kid, well... I'm just being a little bit skeptic. I don't want Singer to break my heart. But he did X-MEN right? And everything was amazing! And he loves comic books! And and.. Things will be just fine, right? PLEASE DON'T BREAK MY HEART BRYAN!!!!

Anyway, bow to PRESIDENT LUTHOR! Posted by Picasa

JLU's back!!!! On September 17th our souls will rejoice with with one hour of flying, powerful, butt kicking superheros!! Praise the LOOOORD!!! Posted by Picasa

So, the size of a man's foot , is the size of his...

Lots of good things are coming our way, my dear sinners!!! On September 28th we'll be blessed with Humberto Ramos and Paul Jenkin's Revelations #2. I haven't read the first issue and to be honest I'll wait 'till it's out on paperback. Having said this, I just LOVE Humberto Ramos' art. I can't wait to read something with his art in it. I was addicted to Crimson, even though I'm scared to death of vampires and I avoid reading anything about them. I bought Out There and keep on wanting more. Love big feet and big eyes, what can I say?
The story revolves around Detective Charlie Northern and his investigation of the death of a powerful cardinal. But in Vatican City things are not as they should be.
Since I was raised in a Catholic school and my whole family is really devoted, I've always found fascination in stories that talk about religion and the secrets of the Catholic Church. What's behind all that power? What happens when someone's such a believer that will do ANYTHING to defend and impose his beliefs?
Ms. Mysterious' is happy =). Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Holy walking toasters!

Oh, my dear and faithful sinners! (yeah, I'm guess I'm talking to the two guys that actually read this blog: Mighty Pulgoso and Omnipotent Puedco. *sigh*. Anyway, it's been a while, and I have lots of things to say, (nothing really interesting though), and again, very little time.
What the hell, I should be doing homework, but I can take a minute or two to write a little.
First things first:

GALACTICA still RULES!!! I'm amazed how this second season's going. The plot is still interesting, the characters are deep and dynamic, and nothing is ever easy for this poor guys that have to run away from walking toasters.
A lot of questions keep arising inside my little head, and hell, I have NO idea what's going to happen next. What happened to Starbuck in Kobol? What's that scar she has on her belly? Is she going to have a cyclon baby? Was she cloned? Are there going to be more Starbucks?.. Which brings me to my next question.. There are still like eight cylon models we don't know of. Who are they? Is Adama one of them? Was the cylon saying the truth when he gave that information to the President? What's going to happen with Boomer's baby? What's going to happen between Boomer , Chief and Helo? Who is she going to love? And what's up with dear Doctor Baltar? Is he dreaming? Is he a cylon? Is there an implant inside his body? There are so many questions and NO ANSWERS, DAMMIT!!
Anyway.. I just LOVE this show. And you know what? I love it even more because Mr. Marshmallow says I'm his very own version of Starbuck. The only difference is that I'm not blonde. And I'm not the coolest pilot in the galaxy. And I don't have a Viper... Hmm.... Definitely. Love is blind.
So, if anyone has any ideas, theories or comments that can ease my mind, please tell me. I don't think that I can handle taking prozac for the rest of the season.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

See I was going to go to bed...

But then I had to go around reading slashdot, where someone posted a link to PBS where I saw that they were showing this documentary ONLINE about string theory... The Elegant Universe | Watch the Program @ PBS: "Watch The Elegant Universe (3 hours)"

So now I'll be sleepy, my boss will hate me for I won't be able to work tomorrow and Mrs Mysterious will no longer want to be with me after I make her watch this 3 hour documentary. Cause I'm sure that she'll be watching...Right dear? will you be watching? eh? eh?

I'll only watch one hour tonight though... I'll watch the other two tomorrow...

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hurricane Relief

Wow... What as happened in New Orleans is just stunning. To put it in perspective, it's the equivalent of Monterrey being wiped out. Gone, zip, sunk, under water. Seriously sinners, when one of the options being floated around is NOT REBUILDING the city, you know that this was a big thing.
So help, donate a bit.
Whiskey Bar: Hurricane Relief