Friday, December 30, 2005

Leaving Numbtown - Minus 7

Next Friday I´ll be leaving Numbtown for good. I´ll leave my home, my friends, my family and everything I´ve known so far. Some of you may already have experience moving to other city or even country, changing your life completely. This will be my first time. I have no idea what I should be feeling right now. My mind is in blank, my heart feels as if it had stopped. I even might say I feel numb. I guess is the self defense mechanism kicking in. I´m excited, that´s for sure, for this is an adventure, a chance of growth in a new world. I will discover of what I´m made off, and hopefully I´ll be a better person after this.
It´s hard to leave what you feel is a good life. What you´ve created and nurture for years. It´s hard to leave behind the people that you love, that have been there in both good and bad times. It´s hard knowing that nothing´s going to be the same again, and that you are conciously making the choice of ending a life that you have loved. It´s hard not to wonder if your new life will be as good as the last one, if you´ll ever feel as complete and as loved. But the true thing is that CHANGE is part of life. But damn, why does it have to be so painful? As I tell you, right now I feel pretty good. I don´t know when is the melancholy going to kick in, or if I´m going to feel it at all, but one thing´s sure: I´ve loved this life.
I apologize and I warn you: I guess this new year will bring a lot of pseudoprofoud ranting. You´re more than welcome to avoid it, or you can join me in my trip.
See ya all around. Time to go and eat some Mexican food.

Ms. Mysterious and the happy virus

Today my relatives left. Today I´ll finally sleep in my bed. Sort of. You see, everyone got sick. My dad, my sister, my aunt and my cousin were sick. And guess where were most of them sleeping? Yup, my room. So, my temple of peace is something like a temple for virus. I leave Numbtown in a week and I really can´t afford traveling for 28 hours sick. I guess there´s only one thing to do then: Tequila! Hey, a lot of people say that it kills germs.
Too bad I don´t drink. I wonder if a chocolate milk shake will do the trick..hmm...

Round 287: Evil Dentist vs. Ms. Mysterious

Today I fought my final round against the Evil Dentist. I´m afraid to inform you, all my dear sinners, that Ms. Mysterious lost this final battle. Yes, I was afraid. I felt the pain, and even though I´m sometimes courageus, this time I was a sissy. But alas! This war is over and it shall continue (hopefully) some time not too soon. I have time to prepare myself for my next visit. Maybe if I start taking drugs now, next time I visit her I won´t feel a thing!
Oh yeah, and one other thing: Today I´m founding LET´S HATE MR. MARSHMALLOW MAN club. He went with me to the Evil Dentist, and she said his teeth were perfect. She didn´t even touch them. Damn him. He drinks coke before sleeping! He has the same teeth brushing habits I have!! So, if you have ever felt the excrutiating pain of going to the dentist join me! Let´s hate Mr. Marshmallow and all those people with their perfect teeth. Remember, is nicer when you share your hate with someone :)

Monday, December 26, 2005

Heh, heh... More Calvin and Hobbes. Some ideas in case you have a lot of snow around you and nothing to do. Oh the possibilites! Holidays are not that bad now that I think of it.

Elvis is the Antichrist! Repent, repent!

I was checking metafilter when something caught my attention: A site called MAN = Mothers against noise. According to MAN "Noise is music that uses unpleasant or painful or extremely loud or discordant sound. Noise is also a very dangerous musical trend that is hell bent on destroying civilized culture, this anti-cultural movement is quickly sweeping the globe, and is very dangerous to our youth."

Heh, Heh. Please, remain calm. Try not to laugh too hard. I'm not through yet; "Noise Music Embraces: Rebellion, Violence, Nihilism, Escapism, Drugs, Alcoholism, Perversion" yadda yadda yadda...

Hmm..Now I get it! That explains why every time I listen to Radiohead I start planning how to take over the world, kill everyone that I hate while I have an endless orgy of sex, drugs and booze.

I don't know if the site is a hoax, but even though is not real, but it reminded me of my old job. I used to work in a Catholic School here in Numbtown, and one of the many reasons I don't work there anymore is because I had an activity that involved my students showing their classmates their favorite song, explaining the lyrics and what it meant to them. Yes, rock, noisy music was included. What happened? The Principal and a bunch of other incompetent elements complained. They were outraged and convinced that the music my thirteen year old students were listening were destroying their poor, innocent souls. Yes, sinners, there are still some primitive and narrow minded beings living among us. Beware.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

It's the most wonderful time of the yeeeeaaar (8)

Expensive shopping, endless wrapping of gifts, excessive junk food, relatives coming to your house, and uncomfortable nights out of your bedroom sleeping on the couch. Yes, Christmas is almost here. Let's eat 'till we boast, let's drink 'till we loose our senses, let's buy things that we don't need! Yes, my dear sinners, let's SIN!!!! Let's face it. This is the only time of year that excesses are permitted. Christmas is kinda cool now that I think of it. Awww Christmas spirit is getting hold of me. Cute. I guess I gotta thank my dentist for all the drugs she's giving me.

PS. By the way, don't you think that the holidays would be a lot lot more fun if everyone was like Calvin (yeah, the small kid making creepy snowmen). Oh the beauty!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Round 2: The Evil Dentist 0 - Ms. Mysterious 1

Went to the Dentist again. I took my ipod, I sat on the torture chair, and I relaxed by listening System of a Down. No pain , my dear sinners. I rule.
Next round: Monday morning. Beware of my wrath Evil Dentist!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Back to the 80's

I've never been too convinced about this whole 70's and 80's revival. Most of the time we just have big budget, hot artists, but a terrible plot, and worst of all, sometimes they even destroy basic things that made you love the show. One of these cases is Mission: Impossible. Who the hell had the bright idea of making Jim Phelps the bad guy? *sigh* Anyway, the good thing is that the new teaser trailer for Mission: Impossible 3, rocks. Lots of explosions, car and boat chases, gizmos and fights. Plus Phillip Seymour Hoffman as the bad guy. The bastard really looks mean. Oh, and of course, we have Tom Cruise who's getting cuter and cuter as he gets older. Oh yeah, nothing like a sexy guy kickin' some butt. It seems this movie is not going to suck after all.

Then we have Miami Vice, directed by Michael Mann, (Collateral, Ali). When I heard that this movie was going to be made, I couldn't help but thinking of pink shirts and white suits, with two annoying and egocentric main characters that believe they're the reincarnation of Christ; but after watching the teaser trailer, I just realized that Mann is doing something completely different. The direction looks amazing, and the type of film Mann uses gives a whole new flavor to the film. At times, it looks more like a documentary than a movie, giving credibility to the movie and a more dramatic feeling to the story. So, yes. I got two nice surprises when I watched these two teasers. I know that they're far from being a work of art, but I'm sure that at least they'll be entertaining.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Yup. We're definitely going to hell.

Your head hurts trying to find the perfect holiday gift? Search no more! I have the solution for all your problems! Behold the... BUDDY CHRIST!!!! (bubble head edition). No, seriously, I love this toy. I actually have one myself (the regular one). What you have to see is the Jesus Deluxe Action Figure. It turns water into wine!
And they say I am the blasphemous one.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Breaking news

Mr. Marshmallow has landed! And I'm sorry to say that... He's thinner. Shocking, I know. Will this change everything? Is he still Mr. Marshmallow man? Is that name good enough for him now? Oh, why God!? WHY!!????

Thursday, December 08, 2005

By the way...

Mighty Pulgoso, my powerful plush toy, arrives today!!! WHEEE!!.. Oh and also Mr. Marshmallow man . Heh, heh... DAaaaaaamn... This is going to be weird. Nice, but weird. May the games begin!

It's evolution, baby!

On 1992 I promised myself something. As it usually happens, as you grow up you tend to forget your promises, desires and dreams. Unexpected things come in your way. Life comes in your way. Yet sometimes, you get another chance and you're finally able to live up to your promises.

Yesterday I was able to fulfill that promise. Yes, sinners: Be happy to know that I went to a Pearl Jam concert and I had the fun of my LIFE. (Just for the record, I never said my promises were interesting or complex. At least, not this one). Anyway, I jumped and screamed. I slam danced (is that how you say it?) I was again fifteen, feeling on top of the world, strong enough to fight everyone and everything, feeling the music running through my veins. I was living just for that particular moment in time. No past. No future. Just the moment, the adrenaline, the music. People actually joining together, becoming ONE. Strangers lifting you in their shoulders, creating a moment that will last a life time.

The night was cold as hell and even though I was freezing and at the same time soaked in sweat for all the jumping and slamming, I just couldn't stop moving. I kept on even though my entire body was cursing me for giving them such a hard time.

What can I say about Pearl Jam itself? They're old school rockstars. They are everything a rockstar should be: Intense and powerful. They still conserve the same energy they had 15 years ago, while their songs and lyrics haven't aged a bit. Eddie Vedder still has that amazing soul breaking voice and watching him perform live was like watching a true legend. At times, he reminded me of Jim Morrison. Yeah, sue me; The combination of Vedder's look, voice, and personality just hypnotized me. Besides he has great communication with the public. He even spoke in Spanish!..Who am I kidding? Right now, I can only think of how fraking sexy he is. Damn.

The rest of the guys, Stone Gosard (who's also a cutie) Mike McCready, Jeff Ament and Soundgarden's formerly drummer Matt Cameron were absolutely fabulous. They played with energy and precision, letting the music flow and the songs grow.

My favorite songs? Animal, Black, Do the evolution, Alive, Rearviewmirror. I guess you've all been there. You are in a concert, they start playing your favorite song and for a moment your heart stops. You look at the sky and scream and thank all the gods for that perfect moment. Oh yeah.

In all I had the time of my life. I moshed, I got lifted on the shoulders by a total stranger, I jumped, I screamed, I sang, I danced. It was just awesome. I've been to good concerts, but let me tell you: Pearl Jam is definitely on my top 5.

So, what's the final thought here? It's good to feel alive. Yeah baby!

I'm still alive. Yup, went to a Pearl Jam concert and it was AWESOME. Eddie Vedder's a god AND a sexy SOB. More on this tomorrow. Time to sleep... Later, sinners. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Evil Dentist - 1. Miserable Ms. Mysterious - 0.

Today I realized how amazingly coward I am. I never felt this kind of panic before, not even before parachuting, rock climbing or sparring. I don't mind being kicked, left breathless, or with bruises that will take a while to heal. NO. I'm TRULY afraid of Dentists.
(Oh, those heartless brutes....)
WAHHHHHHHHHHHH... And the worst thing? Is not over yet. I have to go back. Lots of things to do to my beautiful mouth. DAMN DAMN DAMN. I'm serious this time when I say that I will need some kind of pill to calm me before the torture, sorry, procedure. Rob's saying that his mom might be able to hypnotize me... I REALLY got to go talk to her.
Anyway, today's misadventure with the dentist is over. I'll live for another week; After that, only the gods know what will happen to me, my mouth and my sanity.
I'm not having fun with this... WAHH!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Don't you love cute guys on leather uniforms?

At last! X -men 3 teaser trailer. It looks ... Promising. Hell, it can be a great movie! Let's have some faith in Mr. Ratner.
Magneto, Professor X, Wolverine, Storm, Pyro, Mystique, Jean (sexy mamma) Grey (Phoenix reincarnation I presume), Cylops and (megahunk) Ice Man are back.
Plus the new additions: Beast, Juggernaut, Kitty Pride, Callisto and Angel. It's amazing what tons of make up can do for someone, you know. Kelsey Grammer looks unrecognizable as Beast. And yes, he looks too blue. I've been reading a lot people complaints about Beast. I don't hate it! Yeah, he's a big smurf and all, but there's nothing wrong with that. Yeah, I loved Nightcrawler too but what the hell. Let's give him a chance.
Anyway, what about Angel? Well, his wings look pretty good, but I guess I've always thought that it would be a little bit more impressive. Heavenly. Hell, you know what I mean. Still... Whoaa... Angel.

So, even though this teaser could have been a lot lot better, I can't wait to watch the movie. Hey, only 6 months from now! You got to be a heartless geek if you don't shiver when you see that scene with Magneto and the Golden Gate... Oh yeah. Sublime.

Praise the Lord for comics!

Is this the end for Ms. Mysterious?

Ms. Mysterious is about to battle her worst fears. She will be in the hands of her greatest archenemy, a woman deadlier than any were wolf, vampire or zombie. A woman with a cold heart and cold blood that can make any grown up cry. Ms. Mysterious will meet her fate today, when she goes to...


But alas! Ms. Mysterious will be strong! There's nothing she can't face when she takes her prozac and sings "My Favorite Things"!! If I don't make it, I just want to tell to all my dear readers (my plush toys Puedco and Pulgoso basically) that I was proud to have you as my sinners. Now, let us pray.


Behold! Here comes Kelsey Grammer as ... BEAST. Today we'll be able to watch the teaser trailer. Hold on to your seats, sinners. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The return of a warrior

July 2004 - December 2005. It's been a while since I started this blog, and I'm most grateful that I did. What's a blog anyway? A place where you can open yourself, take out any sorrow, complaints and doubt out in the open. It lets you share your deepest thoughts, your crazy ideas, your unique comments about the world where you live in. It represents who you are, and what you believe in. It grows with you, and you grow with it, and by spreading your words to the world, you just feel... Free.

So, while this blog has been basically about pure and utter stupidity (yeah, my obscure and serious moments are yet to come), my best friend Rob, has started his very own blog, called Life After Z. This one, my dear sinners, will be worth reading. What will it be about? I'm not sure yet, and I guess he doesn't really know either. But in the end, every blog comes down to a person's new beginning; A rebirth. We must all reinvent ourselves sooner or later, we must all face this process the best way we can if we want to continue living.
Welcome to the blogsphere my dear Rob. Welcome to your new life.

...And everything changes. And nothing is truly lost.
The Sandman

Parleley, parlelellyleloo, par le nee,par... snip... Ok, HE's back. Savvy?

PRAAISE THE LORD!! We have the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest trailer!!! Finally, we get a glimpse of good ol' Johnny playing Jack Sparrow, the greatest pirate ever.
I love pirate movies, and this is my mom's fault. When I was about six years old, she introduced me to Captain Blood, starring hunk Errol Flynn. We watched that movie like 50 times that year... Oh, happy days! Big movie companies should invest in good pirate movies, with real stunts and interesting and lovable characters, instead of making fiascos such as ... God, I don't even now where to begin when I think about BAD movies. Just think of all the bad teen romantic comedies that came out this year and you'll get the idea.

Anyway, open your eyes and rejoice watching pirate ships, treasures, sword fights, but most of all, be honored by your highness, our Lord and GOD, Johnny Depp, who made Pirates of The Caribbean the movie that we all love (let's face it, Orlando Bloom's cute face is just not good enough). So, let's drink some rum and wait for the Captain's return! Yo ho!